World’s Best: It’s all over but the waiting

The die is cast. The thing is done. Sort of. The judge’s have made their final vote, edited the winning selections for The Best of Newspaper Design™ book, and crafted their explanatory statements about who won and why. So Monday afternoon (a holiday here in the U.S.) was spent traipsing around Syracuse University campus, shooting the video statement about the winners that the judges will release later this week.

Early Wednesday, the winners will be announced or and another year’s competition will be in the books. And then the annual festival of analysis and victory dances can begin.

But the WB judges would also warn that we should all begin working on next year’s entries already. “We saw some good work and some — less — great work,” one judge said this afternoon during an individual video journal shoot (those will be posted as soon as possible too). His advice to the entrants that did not win Category One honors this year? Get back at it right away and try again. And again. And again…

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