WB: The Joy of Six

When the judges arrived yesterday, 301 papers were in contention for SND30 World’s Best-Designed Newspaper bragging rights. By the end of the first round the field was reduced to just 45 papers. And now, only six remain. 1.9% of total entries in Category 1 will see the light of Round Three (a little something we at the SND International Web Desk like to call simply — The Finals).

The competition has paused for the night. The judges are headed for dinner and some rest on this Valentine’s Day evening. What passes for romance on a chilly Syracuse February night is in the air (there’s a wedding blaring Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” two doors down from the competition room) and a final determination of this year’s World’s Best-Designed newspapers is just a few hours and a couple votes away.

When the judges return, deliberations will continue. Once they’ve made their final selection(s), then team statements will be written and editing for the annual book will begin. Expect a final announcement and lots more analysis about the winners by midday Tuesday.

If you have a specific question you’d like to pose to the WB judges, or anyone else here, I’ll try to get it answered. Just hit me at [email protected]

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