SND30: Introducing your World’s Best judges

The five judges for The World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™ competition, also known as Category One, arrived safely in Syracuse after a couple of gnarly weather delays and rerouting — even though the weather in Syracuse itself was just fine, thank you. “It was nice here,” said C. Marshall Matlock, SND competition coordinator. The judges met this afternoon for lunch and to begin the task of culling the remaining 301 entries in the 30th Edition. So who’s who at the SND WB this year? Here are their bios.

Michael Keegan was assistant managing editor for news art at The Washington Post for 23 years. He is currently design consultant to the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. concentrating on informational web design. Keegan redesigned the Hindustan Times in New Delhi, India in 2000. He has been the Design Director at the San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Michael Crozier is design director of Crozier Associates Ltd, an editorial and design consultancy. He has launched or relaunched some 50 newspapers in many countries including the UK, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland. At present he is working on a major newspaper project in southern India.

Bobbie Roessner is managing editor of the Hartford Courant, America’s oldest newspaper. She has been a political reporter, opinion columnist, magazine writer, writing coach and, for the past 12 years, a senior editor at the Courant. She is responsible for the newspaper and Web site.

Marco Grieco is the art director of the Portuguese weekly Expresso since 2006. He also worked in O Dia newspaper (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and in Jornal de Notícias (Oporto, Portugal). Has a degree in Design and Visual Arts by the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Mary Nesbitt is managing director of the Readership Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. The Institute conducts research into how people use, experience and interact with news media and how news organizations can more effectively respond to the needs of consumers and citizens. She is also Associate Dean for Curriculum and Professional Excellence at the Medill School of Journalism and integrated marketing communications.

Want to watch live? Check out live video during judging hours.

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