More random winners—Sunday afternoon

We’ve got less than 2,000 entries left to judge. Things have slowed a bit as we get into the redesign and portfolio entries, but the judges are having a great second day.

The dinner break is about an hour-and-a-half away. Pre-break we’d like to offer up a couple more winners taken from the top of the pile of winning entries waiting to be entered into the database.

The first is a winner from the News Design/A Section category. It’s a front page from The Virginian-Pilot of a gravestone rubbing of a local Medal of Honor recipient.

Second is from the same category — a page 3 from Die Zeit headlined “Freedom on the Brink.”

We’ll post more winners before we leave for the evening.



hey folks at SND. could you compare the number of winning entries this year against last year and the year before? just curious.

thanks mark. i remember hearing there was a big bump in winners two years ago, then the number came back to earth last year.

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