General competition: Here’s the final tally

The final day of The Best of Newspaper Design™ general competition has come to a close. The judges did not award a Best of Show. Four gold medals were awarded: two to the National Post, and one each to The New York Times Magazine and Expresso (Lisbon). The unofficial* top 10 winners by number of awards are the Los Angeles Times, the National Post (Toronto), The New York Times and its magazines, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, La Presse (Montreal), The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Boston Globe, Zaman (Istanbul), The National (Abu Dhabi), and three newspapers tied for No. 10: The Buffalo (N.Y.) News, the Chicago Tribune, and Clarin (Buenos Aires). The action moves next weekend to the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper award, which is judged by a separate group of panelists. Join us on Saturday when that coverage will begin.

* Unofficial means that the full results are still being tallied because the general competition has just closed and the World’s Best entries have not been judged.

The full database of winners will not be released until after the World’s Best judging concludes. We’ll let you know when the audited and verified results are available for searching.

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