No. 6: Multimedia and interactives grow up

Multimedia and interactive projects continued their rapid evolution in 2008, becoming more central to the storytelling process in newsrooms of every size. It is these types of undertakings that underscore Jeff Jarvis’ proclamation: “The building block of journalism is no longer the article.”

This year saw projects with incredible breath and depth, incorporating a spectrum of technologies and storytelling methods. In addition to the obvious maturation and mastery evident in these approaches, another noticeable trend is the impact of development frameworks, particularly Django and Ruby on Rails — proving their ability to respond to news deadlines when placed in capable hands.

Browsing some crowd favorites at and combing through the bookmarks of Andrew DeVigal, Will Sullivan, Richard Koci Hernandez, Bill Couch, Zach Wise and many others — here are some of the highlights of 2008:

This list could go on forever — and it should. What great projects did we miss in this roundup? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

2008: The Year in News Design

Tyson Evans is the editor of Update and an interface engineer at The New York Times. Full disclosure: Although he now works for The Times he wasn’t involved in any of the projects mentioned above. While working in Las Vegas, however, he contributed to the history project.

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