Do you remember? Please help us as we review 2008

There’s still a month left in 2008, but we’re already starting to wonder what we’ll collectively remember as the biggest moments in news design this year. We have our own ideas, of course. And, as we did last year, we will write about those in a post closer to the end of December. But what do you think? Was it the flurry of redesigns at papers far and wide? Was it the sad story of layoffs across the United States? Was it the rise of cooler and more sophisticated online storytelling? Was it an explosive growth in newspapers outside North America? Did the biggest news drive design? Did anything eclipse anything else? You tell us! Drop a comment on this post and let us know!

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I think in terms of new design and something beyond the mainstream media this takes some beating:

“The iLog is a stand alone noise generator. It is powered and outputs an audio signal.
The iLog should fit in the palm of the hand and is normally made using this semicircular cross section of a branch. At its base is the power socket and at its top is the audio out put.”

Well worth having a dig around the site.

We got to see a good development and progress in the magazine. Some articles were really captivating and encouraging to start new projects. So in general 2008 was a good year! Congratulations.

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