Welcome to SND Vegas

Q. I’m new to the Workshop. What opportunities will there be for me to meet others?

Come to our first-timers session at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the Pavilion Ballroom to get a lay of the land and meet some SND veterans. Also be sure to play our “Royal” version of business card bingo — it’s a great way to meet other attendees. Game boards and instructions are at the registration desk.

Q. How should I dress for the Workshop?

Dress how you feel comfortable — there is no dress code for SNDVegas. Many dress casually for the sessions and dress up more for the Awards Dinner. We’d also recommend business or business casual for the Freedom Forum presentation and party on Tuesday night. The Opening Reception Sunday night is outdoors at the pool, and it’ll still be quite warm. We’re not recommending you come in your swimsuit, but casual/clubby is fine.

Q. Can I go to APME or APPM sessions?

Absolutely. Your SND registration will get you into any APME/APPM session except those with meals. See a list of their available sessions on the next spread.

Q. If I want to post a job or see jobs that are posted, where will I find those?

The main bulletin boards for announcements are in the Charleston Ballroom, where we have our exhibitors, Silent Auction and coffee breaks. That room opens late Monday morning.

Q. I’m interested in a critique. Is it too late?

It depends. Most people signed up ahead of time when they registered and should have gotten information about when/where/who to meet for the critique. If you registered on- site, please find Dave Wilson to see if it’s possible to schedule a critique.

Q. Who can I see if I have a question?

You can ask site chair Bill Gaspard or the professional staff at the registration desk. Out on the floor and in the session rooms, anyone in a red SNDVegas staff shirt should be able to help.

About Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans served as SND’s President in 2018 and is a member of The Society’s executive committee. He is a senior editor for strategy and product at The New York Times.