Tribune debuts redesign

The Chicago Tribune joined its Tribune sister papers in the “Summer of Redesigns” this morning with a striking new look. Tribune graphics editor Steve Cavendish gives us an inside look into the project and also shares a slide show of the first day’s edition.

Chicago Tribune launches redesign from Steve Dorsey on Vimeo.

The Trib debuted its new look with a city-wide campaign announcing the changes, including a special section in the Sunday paper. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the official redesign site complete with video introductions and section by section demos here.

Sara Quinn weighs in over at with a Q-and-A with design director Jonathon Berlin.

Chicagoan and design guru Ron Reason also weighs in with his take on the new Tribune.

Fellow Chicagoan Robb Montgomery goes out and about to talk with readers on the day of the Trib redesign launch.

Chicago Public Radio weighs in as well.

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