Visual journalism hand-outs: Collect all 17!

Over the next week, SND’s Update will feature 17 handouts from the upcoming issue of Design Journal, free for you to download. Hand-outs brought to you from visual journalism experts from all over the globe, including Eduardo Danilo, Nigel Holmes, Stephanie Grace Lim, Vince Chiaramonte, Richard Koci Hernandez, Tim Harrower, Tracy Collins, Matt Mansfield, Joe Hutchison and many more.

We cover how to make a photo assignment, how to make an illustration pop, how to make body text legible, how to navigate the newsroom, how to use a grid, how to think about stories in multimedia, how to think about stories in chunky bits, how to sell the big idea, how to come up with the big idea if you’re stumped and how to manage your people so they come up with the big idea. And more.

These handouts will be available on this site through June 15 and after that you’ll have to join SND to get them. Of course, if you join SND you also get the incredible Best of Newspaper Design awards annual, the printed copy of the magazine with much, much more than is available here and, well, much more. (Did we mention there’s more and you should consider being a member?) Click here to join.


• Richard Koci Hernandez, San Jose Mercury News: How to train yourself
• Stephanie Grace Lim, Pay Pal: How to jump start your creative mind
• Joseph Hutchinson, Rolling Stone: How to advance in the newsrooms
• Kathy Bogan and Jay Quadracci, Rocky Mountain News: How to make a photo assignment
• Matt Mansfield, SND vice president: A guide to business literacy

• Tracy Collins,
Arizona Republic: How to manage creative people
• Mark Leeds, The Guardian: How to use the grid

• Deborah Withey,
the Virginian-Pilot: The art of choosing type
• Reinhard Albers, consultant: Ten steps to better legibility for your body copy
• Vince Chariamonte, Buffalo News: The art of selling the big idea
• Eduardo Danilo, Danilo-Black: How to use color:
• Kagen McLeod, The National Post: Deconstructing an illustration
• Diego Carranza, Indigo: Technology and storytelling
• Nigel Holmes: Charting do’s and don’ts
• Tim Harrower How to jumpstart a stalled design
• Josh Awtry, The Salt Lake Tribune: A reporter’s guide to content layering
• Cristobal Edwards, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile: How to hold on to readers

~ Jonathon Berlin edits Design, the Society’s quarterly journal. He’s also the design director at the Chicago Tribune. Reach him by email: [email protected]

About Jonathon Berlin

is graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society For News Design.