Two new visual journalism scholarships; apply now

SND Foundation Scholarship — $2,000
Deadline for applications: June 13, 2008
Download the application form here

The Society for News Design is an organization that provides training and services to and advocates on behalf of visual journalists worldwide. The Society for News Design Foundation (SNDF) is SND’s educational and research arm.

Annually, SNDF will award the SND Foundation Scholarship to a deserving student interested in and showing promise for pursuing a career in visual journalism.

This award is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors at any accredited four-year school worldwide. The student must be a member in good standing of the Society for News Design. The annual award is renewable once, but recipients must re-apply for consideration.

The scholarship recognizes potential for excellence in print, interactive design or both.

• All applicants must be a journalism major or major in a field of related study with the intent of pursuing a career in visual journalism.

• All applicants will be assessed on four areas: talent, scholarship, service and character.

In addition to the application form, resume and transcripts, applicants must submit two short essays:

1) A 500-word essay describing your accomplishments in the field of journalism and your financial need, if any, for the scholarship.

2) An 800-word essay answering the following: Why do you want to be involved in the field of journalism? What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing visual journalism in the face of increasingly complex media consumption?

Applicants must also submit a portfolio of work:

• Include eight-10 examples of page designs, photos, typography, illustrations, graphics, multimedia projects and interaction design (JPG or PDF format) either on DVD or with an active site link (a permanent url that will be active as we consider your application). Whether it’s examples of one type of work or a mix, edit ruthlessly. This should be only your very best work.

And applicants must provide a letter of character reference from a professor or adviser that offers examples of the applicant’s responsibility, integrity and judgment.

While the scholarship is available to any student worldwide meeting the above criteria, all application materials must be supplied in English.

The Society for News Design Edmund C. Arnold Scholarship – $5,000

Edmund C. Arnold (June 25, 1913 – Feb. 2, 2007) was a newspaper designer, considered by many to be the father of modern newspaper design. As a newspaper consultant, he designed more than a thousand newspapers including The Boston Globe, National Observer, Today, Toronto Star, The Kansas City Star, and many small weeklies. He also worked as the editor of The Linotype News and as a columnist for Publisher’s Auxiliary.

In addition to his newspaper work, Arnold was an educator. He was the chairman of the Graphic Arts and Publishing Departments at the School of Journalism at Syracuse University from 1960-1975 and taught as a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University from 1975-1983. He was a charter member of the Society for News Design. He wrote more than 25 books including “Ink on Paper” (1963), “Ink on Paper 2” (1972), and “Modern Newspaper Design” (1969).

Arnold was honored with SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000. When describing the state of news design in an interview at the time he was honored, Arnold said: “I want to put on record that I’m not an old reprobate longing for a return of the good old days. I’m more of an old father who is disappointed that his kids are only reaching 98 percent of their potential and wants them to reach 101 percent. My message to young designers is this: Look kids, you can do better, but the only way to achieve your potential is to go back to — and understand — the basics. That sounds boring, but it’s reality.”

Annually, SNDF will award the Edmund C. Arnold Scholarship to a deserving junior or rising senior Syracuse University student interested in and showing promise for pursuing a career in visual journalism.

The first scholarship will be awarded next spring. Further information about the scholarship and details on the application will be announced soon.

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