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The designer’s toolbox with Tyson Evans and David Wright

Exploring new conversations between work by designers and developers and the tools that can be used to find solutions to challenges of newsroom communication.

Designing print and online simultaneously… or basically trying to stay sane.

Newsrooms across the country are facing the same problem: smaller design staffs, more design work to do. However, The Tennessean’s Jeff Glick explained how his newsroom makes it work (and stays sane). “It’s doable. It’s not easy, and you really have to figure out what works for your paper,” he said. The key is management. […]

Free (and fabulous) software online with Karl Gude

You don’t have to have a lot of money to make fabulous visuals in print or online. Karl Gude discusses the wiki he created that combines dozens of free pieces of software online to make your storytelling as dynamic as possible.

Roger Black's Ready-Media site

Roger Black on Ready-Media, templates and the future of design

When Roger Black and Eduardo Danilo launched Ready-Media this week—the template service for newspapers, magazines and, eventually, the Web—the announcement sent distress signals through the design community. SND talks with Black about what he had in mind when creating Ready-Media.

Web Boot Camp: Miami, June 12-13

SND’s Web training program is coming to Florida! Translate your design skills to the Web by understanding the essential building blocks. In this two-day course we’ll demystify the Web 2.0 toolbox and help you build a compelling, news-driven package from scratch. SND held three Web Boot Camps last year and one earlier this year, and […]

USA Today iPad app: Behind the scenes

It’s not hard to argue that USA Today has had a large part in shaping the design of newspapers since it launched in 1982. (SND named the founding of the paper the number one “Influential Moment in News Design” of the last 25 years in 2004.) So when Apple finally announced it’s iPad earlier this year it’s no surprise that USA Today would be one of the first papers to adopt the platform.

SND spoke with William Couch, Interaction Designer at USA Today for some insight into the development of the application.

iPad Q&A: Popular Science magazine

Apple’s iPad made its debut over the weekend — and with it came the launch of several new apps from newspapers and magazines hoping to tap into a new set of readers. Popular Science is one of the first magazines to enter the race. The magazine made a bit of a splash when they first […]

Inside the design process for NPR’s iPad app

The NPR app, which has been in the top free downloads since the iPad came out, and a companion site optimized for the iPad feature clean design and a careful attention to usability details. Hear more about the prototyping process with NPR’s Paulo Lopez and David Wright Jr.

Horizontal or vertical navigation? It’s a trick question

Since Jan. 11, an interesting debate has been playing out between fans of horizontal navigation on Web sites and those who prefer navigation to be vertically organized. Lots of good arguments have been raised for both views and I won’t make any attempt to boil down the discussion into one or two little bouillon cubes here. If you are interested, take a look at Smashing Magazine from where the attack against vertical navigation was originally launched and at the case of the defense here.

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Five questions: Adrian Holovaty

Adrian Holovaty, journalist, programmer and fellow Chicagoan, was kind enough to duck out of the winter sleet and answer a few of our questions about, the last decade and gypsy guitar.

Q+A: Web Design 101

Quick course instructors Tyson Evans and Dave Wright answer five frequently asked questions from print designers looking toward the Web. Sign up for their Web Design Boot Camp in Chicago, November 7-8, to learn more.

Web Design 101: Time to head back to school

I went to Nashville for the SND Web Design Boot Camp at the Freedom Forum, which is an amazing facility on the campus of Vanderbilt University. There were 30 participants at the two-day workshop, most with similar backgrounds and skill levels as me. Luckily for us there were two excellent instructors — Tyson Evans of The New York Times and Dave Wright Jr. of NPR.