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#SNDSF speaker Katie Zhu on media, tech and connection

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, SND interviews Katie Zhu works for Medium as a Product Manager and Engineer. Katie is passionate about media and technology’s potential to strengthen connections through storytelling.

CampSND: Dive into digital design and development

Former attendee Kai Teoh shares his experiences.

Mark Johnson on innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media

I first met Mark Johnson at SND St. Louis in September 2011. The now 35-year old CEO of Zite — a personalized magazine app acquired by CNN earlier that year — was the definition of unassuming. Sporting a curly fro, eyebrow ring, t-shirt and backpack, I actually mistook him for a college student. Our first conversation had us discussing everything from cocktails and news design to architecture and taxidermy. Here, Johnson talks innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media.

SND + H/H event this weekend: Design for coders in Cambridge, Mass.

On Saturday, SND’s web publications director Miranda Mulligan is organizing a workshop for coders who want to improve their design skills. We ask Miranda a few questions about SND + H/H: Q: Who is this workshop intended for? A while back, a couple colleagues and I started brainstorming on actionable activities that might help get […]

iA’s Oliver Reichstein on secrets, making websites, and “business class” news

As part of our Year-Long Conversation about design, we talk with Information Architects’ Oliver Reichstein
on keeping design simple, iA’s work on Writer and iPad design and a “business class” on the web, where users could pay to get the junk out of the way. “The more design gets out of your way the more space you have to do with an interface what you want to do. Design works, when you don’t notice it.”

Could a “business class” work where you work? Leave your comments below.

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Syracuse Student Symposium summary

A summary of the Syracuse Student Symposium — held Friday on the Syracuse campus — featuring presentations by Jonathon Berlin, Richard Johnson and Adonis Durado: To view the speakers presentations and read an archive of our “Cover It Live” blog from the event here. Jonathon Berlin: Mistakes I’ve made (For video of Jonathon’s speech, click […]

Let’s talk about readability on the web. On Twitter at #readme

Right after the click or touch, in that millisecond before the animations kick in, the gifs become animated and the wizzes start to bang, people have the reasonable expectation to read something. Actually read something. In the reading world we live in, how many shapes and colors and colorful shapes do we put in the […]

Mandy Brown talks design, news and, ahem, reading

Is the web a good place to read? We spend more time than ever digesting digital text from sites and feeds, but is it a good reading experience? Especially for those who spend clicks on news sites, it seems there is much stacked against the simple, and central, act of reading.

Today we talk with one of the web’s best, Mandy Brown, about readability, and design. Mandy’s passion for reading is what fuels her design. Read her work on A List Apart, A Working Library. Our interview is on the jump.

This is our second dispatch in SND’s Year-Long Conversation. Find last week’s post here.

Eye-trap: What happens when you trace over the reading wells on popular news sites? Check the results of our eye-trap readability study.

Join the discussion: We’ll host an ongoing discussion of readability on the web on Twitter with the hashtag #readme. More on that discussion here.

SND’s Best of Digital Design competition 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get your entries ready for SND’s annual competitions for the best work online and in print. The site for SND’s digital competition is now open for business, with revisions aimed at further improving the contest and make it easier for you to showcase your work, while SND’s creative competition deadline is right around the corner.

How to enter the print competition here. Deadline for U.S. entries is Wednesday, Jan. 11 and for international entries is Wednesday, Jan. 18.

How to enter the digital competition here. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, Feb. 15.

An expansive definition of design

What do we mean when we talk about design? Seems like a good question as we start a new year. Journalist friends answer in different ways, yet their responses always appear — in my mind’s eye, at least — too tied to their lives at whatever media organization they work for, the print or online […]

Jason Willis, 2011 College Designer of the Year

Meet 2011 College Designer of the Year Jason Willis

Jason Willis, a senior at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., was named SND’s College Designer of the Year on October 1, 2011, during the awards banquet in St. Louis. The judges cited his rich portfolio of print and multimedia work. We caught up with Jason for a Q&A this week.

WaPo’s Levi Chronister & NPR’s Danny DeBelius lead the web design & development workshop at SND STL

Our next announcement is for a turbo-charged, all-day pre-conference workshop on Web Design and Development featuring two leaders from NPR and The Washington Post. Space is limited and has already been selling so, bust a move and sign up for the Pre-Conference Web Design workshop here. Pre-Conference Web Design & Development Workshop Translate your design skills to […]

Miranda Mulligan & Mat ‘Wilto’ Marquis discuss responsive web design at SND St. Louis

Our next session features some ground-breaking digital ‘design-velopment’ work that is changing how organizations publish content on the web, tablets and mobile devices. The Boston Globe’s Miranda Mulligan and Mat ‘Wilto’ Marquis from Filament Group Inc., will present what they’ve learned in their recent project working on building a “responsive” website. Designing a responsive news website […]

Type designer Matthew Carter receives MacArthur ‘genius’ fellowship

Type designer Matthew Carter has been named a MacArthur fellow for 2010. The $500,000 no-strings-attached grant, often referred to as the “genius award,” is given to “talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction.”

From Print to Web and Back, with a World’s Best

Designers from a World’s Best newspaper der Freitag discuss how they approached their print and Web redesign. Keeping the focus on reader interaction and a political debate format, they created stunning products that are easy to navigate and visually engaging.

Graphics without words (but) with Juan Velasco

Juan Velasco, art director of National Geographic Magazine, stressed the importance of classic illustration and the ability to convey information without text in his SND Denver session. And you get to meet Wilma.