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#SNDSF keynote speaker Kawandeep Virdee on turning insights into actions

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, SND interviews keynote speaker Kawandeep Virdee of Embedly about UX, analytics and building bridges across sectors.

#SNDSF speaker Dave Stanton on mobile accessibility

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, Rachel Schallom interviews Dave Stanton of Mobiquity.

#SNDSF speaker Katie Zhu on media, tech and connection

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, SND interviews Katie Zhu works for Medium as a Product Manager and Engineer. Katie is passionate about media and technology’s potential to strengthen connections through storytelling.

Trina Chiasson on infographics and the role of design in launching Infoactive

Trina Chiasson is a web nerd and the co-founder of Infoactive, an online platform for building interactive infographics with live data. Here, she chats with Judy Siegel on building the product and the role user-experience has played in the launch process.

Chris Johanesen on design, testing and launching new products at BuzzFeed

Chris Johanesen started at BuzzFeed as its second employee. Now, as vice president of product, he shares insights about “the media company for the social age.”

Steve Mulder on his ‘venn diagram of happiness’ at NPR Digital Services

Steve Mulder, Director of User Experience and Analytics at NPR Digital Services, chats Lean UX, designing for different audiences sizes and the future of UX at NPR Digital Services.

Mark Johnson on innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media

I first met Mark Johnson at SND St. Louis in September 2011. The now 35-year old CEO of Zite — a personalized magazine app acquired by CNN earlier that year — was the definition of unassuming. Sporting a curly fro, eyebrow ring, t-shirt and backpack, I actually mistook him for a college student. Our first conversation had us discussing everything from cocktails and news design to architecture and taxidermy. Here, Johnson talks innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media.

The Onion’s design director on iPads, UX, and those miserable looking people in the Onion’s quote-opinion pieces

How much fun is it to work at the Onion? Turns out, it’s kind of a lot.

Today, as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation, Veronika Goldberg is the Onion’s Chicago-based design director takes a few minutes to talk with us and tell us. “Everyone is certainly quirky and wonderfully unique. Nothing is off-limits, so unlike most office environments, individuality is encouraged,” Veronika said.

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