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SNDLOU: Introducing Jordan David, web producer at The Onion

Jordan David is a web producer for The Onion and will be part of a panel discussion at SND Louisville. I caught up with David at Chicago’s Long Room, where we discussed social media strategies and his upcoming presentation.

The Onion’s design director on iPads, UX, and those miserable looking people in the Onion’s quote-opinion pieces

How much fun is it to work at the Onion? Turns out, it’s kind of a lot.

Today, as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation, Veronika Goldberg is the Onion’s Chicago-based design director takes a few minutes to talk with us and tell us. “Everyone is certainly quirky and wonderfully unique. Nothing is off-limits, so unlike most office environments, individuality is encouraged,” Veronika said.

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