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Picture this: Napkin self portraits

It doesn’t come as a big surprise that a lot of good work at the annual SND workshop happens at the bar. In this case, Ball State students Valerie Carnevale and Stephanie Stamm set out to get as many napkin self portraits as they could.

– Check the gallery here.

– We also asked folks what inspired them.

– Of course, the SND Foundation makes it possible for students to come to the workshop each year. Donate here.

Jason Willis, 2011 College Designer of the Year

Meet 2011 College Designer of the Year Jason Willis

Jason Willis, a senior at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., was named SND’s College Designer of the Year on October 1, 2011, during the awards banquet in St. Louis. The judges cited his rich portfolio of print and multimedia work. We caught up with Jason for a Q&A this week.

SND Lifetime Achievement Award: Roger Fidler

The Society for News Design is proud to present its Lifetime Achievement Award to an innovator, leader, teacher, founder and friend: Roger Fidler.

Fidler, the digital program director at Digital Publishing Alliance at the University of Missouri’s Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute accepted the award at the awards banquet at the SND’s award banquet at its annual workshop in St. Louis Saturday.

A tribute in quotes
A tribute in photos

SND Lifetime Achievement Award: Gayle Grin

For her creative work and leadership at papers in Canada that have been an inspiration and her enthusiastic, smart and tireless work on behalf of SND that has benefited us all, the Society of News Design presented Gayle Grin with The Lifetime Achievement Award Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Annual Award Banquet in St. Louis.

A tribute in quotes
A tribute in photos

Five News Sites and Apps Named World’s Best Designed

Five Web sites and mobile apps were named World’s Best Designed™ in the inaugural year of the Society for News Design’s annual Best of Digital News Design competition, from: CNN, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian and NPR.

Big question at SND STL: What inspires you?

The student bloggers at SNDSTL fanned out asking as many folks as they could find: What inspires you?

Watch the video above or check out our storify board on the jump. Contribute here.

Dave Gray on better meetings through “gamestorming”

Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE, demonstrates gamestorming at the Saturday 11 a.m. keynote in St. Louis. David Yanofsky, an interactive designer at Bloomberg News, presenting his ‘problem-solving’ map in front of the audience. Brave man! By Wes Meltzer, Orlando Sentinel We’re having technical difficulties with Storify today, which is how this reporter was preparing to […]

Quality and quantity: where to focus cross-platform editing resources

Our newsrooms aren’t getting any more resources, even while our work grows more demanding. SEO this! Re-edit this for print! Get it online now! Where do we focus our limited time and effort, and is there a research-driven basis for it? Teresa Schmedding, president of the American Copy Editors Society and AME of the Daily […]

Roar from China: The Liaoning Daily’s Golden Tiger

It was the year of the Tiger, 2010. At the Liaoning Daily, visual director Qingiun Zhang and his team were striving to do something different, something special to mark the year, to tell the story. “Manchurian Tiger’s Greeting for the New Year” won a gold medal in SND’s creative competition, one of only three awarded last year.

Charles grapples with inspiration

  Charles Apple veered from his characteristic and informative visual journalism talks, and instead, delivered an evangelical message to the more than 100 folks who turned out to hear him. He took an uncomfortable topic all too familiar to most of us, and turned it into an inspirational call to be ready to remake ourselves […]

Replay Session: Lessons from the Gannett, Tribune, Scripps & Hearst design hubs

This session was streamed via CoverItLive and will focused on the design hub consolidation at Gannett, Tribune, Scripps and Hearst, with leaders from each organization discussing what they’ve learned, what has worked, what didn’t and what the future holds. Click Here to replay the live coverage. Kate Marymont was named vice president/news in USCP in January 2009. In that role […]

Election coverage: It’s all about the plan

A panel of election coverage heavyweights brought together a wealth of experience on different media platforms, but one thing stands out in the news coverage: STICK TO THE PLAN! Jason Chiu, a design editor at The Globe and Mail in Toronto, has some back-to-basics advice for how to make your election coverage shine. “Build templates. […]

The state of SND

SND Secretary/Treasurer At this time last year, SND was facing a fiscal crisis, and leadership (executive director Stephen Komives and officers Kris Viesselman, Steve Dorsey and Jonathon Berlin) responded by radically revising our budget model. And because they made it better reflect our current reality (especially in terms of the model for the workshop), SND […]

Keys to managing in tough times: Direct and inspire

Poynter faculty member Butch Ward talked about leading during tumultous times at SND St. Louis. The keys, he said: Direct the operation and be the keeper of the promise.

Afternoon jokes from St. Louis

By Rachel Schallom, University of Missouri And people say journalists aren’t funny… @vmcarnevale (Valerie Carnevale): Things I’ve Learned at #SNDSTL: I want an ipad, newspapers are cool, & that was butter next to the bagels this morning, not cream cheese. @ChrisSpurlock: My only complaint about today’s #sndstl session? It’s absolutely FREEZING in this building. Yikes. […]

Where is mobile and tablet going?

By Wes Meltzer, Orlando Sentinel The mobile and tablet landscape has changed a lot in the last year, since Denver. It changed since last week! At a panel discussion, Steve Yelvington of Morris, Chris Courtney of Tribune and Ray Marcano of Cox took a look at where we are, what’s next, and, as Courtney put […]