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60 participants reimagine photo stories at SNDMakes

After 2.5 days of facilitated brainstorming and prototyping at #SNDMakes D.C., 11 teams created projects that addressed the design challenge, “How might we tell better picture stories?”

Meet the 60 participants tackling picture stories at #SNDMakes D.C.

Representing more than 30 different organizations.

#SNDMakes at #SNDDC: “How might we better tell picture stories?”

We’re thrilled to announce the third iteration of #SNDMakes, will be held in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with our annual workshop. This time, we’re focused on thinking beyond the slideshow, and driving innovation around visual narratives.

Some potential design challenge statements could be:

  • “How might we better tell picture stories?”
  • “How might we add context to multimedia stories?”
  • “How might we boost visual stories with ambient video and gifs?”
  • “How might we tell visual stories with the user in mind?”
  • “How might we design our teams to improve visual storytelling?”