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SND’s Best of Digital Design competition 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get your entries ready for SND’s annual competitions for the best work online and in print. The site for SND’s digital competition is now open for business, with revisions aimed at further improving the contest and make it easier for you to showcase your work, while SND’s creative competition deadline is right around the corner.

How to enter the print competition here. Deadline for U.S. entries is Wednesday, Jan. 11 and for international entries is Wednesday, Jan. 18.

How to enter the digital competition here. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Raising our glee — and mon-ee — for SNDF

Many people started out the night insisting that they would not sing. By the time things wrapped up, most of them had succumbed to the coaxing of the crowd. As the last seconds of the Super Bowl ticked away, SND Karaoke Night kicked off to raise money for the SND Foundation. We collected $2,344 in donations with about $1,700 more in pledges.

Small papers, big ideas

What can you learn from these small paper pages? A lot.

In just three words: My first day at SND32

Syracuse students Kuan Luo and David Miller asked the SND32 judges and facilitators to describe the experience of their first day in exactly three words. Here are some data visualizations that help break down the responses.

What ‘type’ of design is this?

Typography takes the spotlight on these pages from the opinion pages category.