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SND34 Best of Digital Design: The New York Times wins its fourth medal

Judges awarded a silver medal to The New York Times for its entry “Video of First Debate Between Obama and Romney” in the use of multimedia category.

SND 2010 New Media News Design Forum

This three-day workshop in Beijing is sponsored by The Economic Observer Newspaper and features Nuri Ducassi, Tyson Evans, Bill Gaspard, Stefan Knapp, Stephen Komives and D.W. Pine. Register now!

Beijing meetup delivers six strong presentations

On September 15, SND held a free meetup in Beijing. About 90 people showed up to the event, held at the Press Center Hall at Peking University.

SND Chinese meetup draws packed house

In the age of Google the U.S. newspaper industry may be riddled with layoffs and cutbacks, but here in China newspaper professionals hope to avoid the industry’s overall woes.

SND Chinese to host two free meetups this month

SND Chinese will host two free meetups this month. One in Beijing (Sept 15) and one in Shanghai (Sept 18). The sessions will be conducted in Chinese. Both meetups are free to all attendees.

Graphics workshop in Xi’an, China, May 11 to 14

Juan Velasco and Jeff Geortzen will guide a hands-on, three-day graphics bootcamp in Xi’an, China. The sessions will take place May 11 to 14 and will cover a wide range of graphics and visuals.

Hosted by the Chinese Business View, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China