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The Guts: Todd Motto on developing Rolling Stone’s “The Geeks on the Front Lines”

Like many longform pieces these days, the web design is pushing the limits and provides a captivating experience for the user. Using HTML5, he was able to provide a new experience for Rolling Stone readers.

The rush to (news) judgment

The Aug. 3 cover of Rolling Stone features Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It’s a profile, and by my account — and those of many others qualified to account — a very good profile. But the profile itself is not the topic. Placing Tsarnaev’s image on the cover has, to understate the issue, caused a stir. So, let’s not make this about agreeing or disagreeing with the decision to run this cover in this way; let’s instead consider only the act of making the decision, and examine two perspectives of Rolling Stone.