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Let’s talk about readability on the web. On Twitter at #readme

Right after the click or touch, in that millisecond before the animations kick in, the gifs become animated and the wizzes start to bang, people have the reasonable expectation to read something. Actually read something. In the reading world we live in, how many shapes and colors and colorful shapes do we put in the […]

Mandy Brown talks design, news and, ahem, reading

Is the web a good place to read? We spend more time than ever digesting digital text from sites and feeds, but is it a good reading experience? Especially for those who spend clicks on news sites, it seems there is much stacked against the simple, and central, act of reading.

Today we talk with one of the web’s best, Mandy Brown, about readability, and design. Mandy’s passion for reading is what fuels her design. Read her work on A List Apart, A Working Library. Our interview is on the jump.

This is our second dispatch in SND’s Year-Long Conversation. Find last week’s post here.

Eye-trap: What happens when you trace over the reading wells on popular news sites? Check the results of our eye-trap readability study.

Join the discussion: We’ll host an ongoing discussion of readability on the web on Twitter with the hashtag #readme. More on that discussion here.