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The winners: JSR, The National Post

The second third Judges’ Special Recognition award goes to the National Post for reader engagement. “They recognized an exploding demographic and are playing into people’s real time interest. This is good stuff for newspapers to be doing,” judges said. “We haven’t seen anything like this. Not in the sense of reverse publishing. It makes it […]

The winners: Silver medal No. 16

The National Post takes Silver medal No. 16 with this page in the Features Design/Inside pages category.

The winners: Silver medal No. 6

Silver medal No. 6 goes to the National Post in the fashion category.

The winners: AofE No. 100

We hit the century mark with the 100th Award of Excellence comes from the News/Local section category and goes to the National Post.

The winners: Silver medal No. 2

The second silver medal of SND34, for photography, goes to the National Post.

Behind the World’s Best Designed: The National Post

The National Post is deeply devoted to visual storytelling and delivering the biggest visual wow, day in, day out. Everyone involved in the paper — from reporters to editors to designers — knows and respects that. Throughout the newsroom, imagination and ideas are respected and visual display and creativity is regarded as much as the authority of words. Many of us began together at the startup of the paper in 1998 and the talent well at the Post is deep. We know our audience and we like to delight them with humor, surprise, and great analysis of the news, as well as a good dose of investigative reporting. Read more about our process on the jump.

This is the fourth in this week’s features with the visual leaders at SND33’s World’s Best Designed publications, five newspapers and a website, as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

• Go behind the scenes at The Grid, with creative director Vanessa Wyse.

• Read an interview with Peter Breul, art director of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

• Read an interview with’s Miranda Mulligan, 2011 World’s Best Designed website. Read more here.

• Coming Thursday: An interview with Politiken’s Søren Nyland

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