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Designer Josh Rhode on storytelling, making news cool and Ernest Hemingway

Designer Josh Rhode’s work combines perfect function with beautiful form, whether it’s Nike, Honda, MTV or others. His branding, apps and sites epitomize how information can be useful and incredibly cool. Josh took a few minutes to talk with SND as part of our Year-Long Conversation about Design. He talked about what makes his projects work, the values he has when putting together a project across platforms and why the news should be cool.

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An expansive definition of design

What do we mean when we talk about design? Seems like a good question as we start a new year. Journalist friends answer in different ways, yet their responses always appear — in my mind’s eye, at least — too tied to their lives at whatever media organization they work for, the print or online […]

Where is mobile and tablet going?

By Wes Meltzer, Orlando Sentinel The mobile and tablet landscape has changed a lot in the last year, since Denver. It changed since last week! At a panel discussion, Steve Yelvington of Morris, Chris Courtney of Tribune and Ray Marcano of Cox took a look at where we are, what’s next, and, as Courtney put […]

Dynamo professor, innovative newsroom and social media leader, Jen Reeves, will turbo-charge your skillset at SND STL

Our next dynamic speaker is a powerhouse of journalism education and runs one of the most innovative newsrooms in the nation regularly recognized by industry publications including the PBS Media Shift blog. She’s going to compress a semester of training with her turbo-charged Mizzou classes into 50 minutes for folks looking to get up to […]

The Onion & Oklahoman join SND STL for a session on building HTML5-based apps

The next session will offer insight into emerging platforms that are allowing content organizations to design and code their applications for mobile, tablets and even TV! Building in HTML5 and Bypassing Native Apps Sometimes collectively referred to as “HTML5,” a set of new tools, frameworks and standards are emerging based on the new HTML5 language standard, which […]

Successes, failures & what we’ve learned so far in mobile & tablet news

Our next session in partnership with the RJI Digital Publishing Alliance will feature leaders working in mobile and tablet news sharing their advice, experiences, successes and failures so far from the couple years in the space: One (+) year out: What we’ve learned so far about mobile and tablet news A frank and open moderated […]

“Tapworthy” author Josh Clark presents, “Touching News: The New Rules of Tablet Media” at SND STL

We’re ecstatic to announce that touch interaction design visionary Josh Clark will join us at SND STL to discuss interaction design principles for mobile and tablet devices: Touching News: The New Rules of Tablet Media Touch, tap, flick, and pinch the news. Touch interfaces, especially on tablets, hold the promise for entirely new media experiences that are both […]

Regina McCombs & Roger Fidler present a round up and new release of mobile & tablet research

Our next session, and first announcement from the RJI Digital Publishing Alliance partnership, will offer a plethora of data and research about mobile and tablet usage with two experts in the field. It’ll be the first session of the day-long mobile and tablet track, so make sure you grab a nutritious breakfast because we’re kickin’ […]

Nine questions for the creators of the Guardian’s iPhone app

The Guardian’s iPhone app was launched last month. With its tailored look and clean interface, it has hung around the top spot of paid apps in Apple’s App Store. SND talks with the developers.