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Teaching development through design

The SND Tablet Quick Courses have yielded fantastic turn outs with designers who are eager to extend their skills into the digital frontier and beyond. The task each class was given was simple: Build a responsive portfolio site with a focus on tablet design and touch. Learn more about the course format and results from instructor Joey Marburger.

SNDMSP: An iPad/Tablet Quick Course Guide

SND’s traveling iPad/Tablet Design Quick Course lands in the Twin Cities this Friday and Saturday. Here’s your guide to attending.

SND grant creates free 2013 training for members

Three major grants totaling $56,000 give SND the means to provide free training events for SND members and the visual journalism community at large.

Regina McCombs & Roger Fidler present a round up and new release of mobile & tablet research

Our next session, and first announcement from the RJI Digital Publishing Alliance partnership, will offer a plethora of data and research about mobile and tablet usage with two experts in the field. It’ll be the first session of the day-long mobile and tablet track, so make sure you grab a nutritious breakfast because we’re kickin’ […]

Mizzou’s RJI set to share iPad news survey findings Friday

Roger Fidler reports that more than 1,600 iPad users responded to the Reynolds Journalism Institute / Digital Publishing Alliance’s 2010 iPad News Survey. Fidler, the RJI-University of Missouri’s program director/digital publishing said the results of the iPad user survey will be shared publicly this Friday at the RJI Tablet/E-Reader Symposium and on their website. You […]

USA Today iPad app: Behind the scenes

It’s not hard to argue that USA Today has had a large part in shaping the design of newspapers since it launched in 1982. (SND named the founding of the paper the number one “Influential Moment in News Design” of the last 25 years in 2004.) So when Apple finally announced it’s iPad earlier this year it’s no surprise that USA Today would be one of the first papers to adopt the platform.

SND spoke with William Couch, Interaction Designer at USA Today for some insight into the development of the application.

iPad Q&A: Popular Science magazine

Apple’s iPad made its debut over the weekend — and with it came the launch of several new apps from newspapers and magazines hoping to tap into a new set of readers. Popular Science is one of the first magazines to enter the race. The magazine made a bit of a splash when they first […]

Inside the design process for NPR’s iPad app

The NPR app, which has been in the top free downloads since the iPad came out, and a companion site optimized for the iPad feature clean design and a careful attention to usability details. Hear more about the prototyping process with NPR’s Paulo Lopez and David Wright Jr.