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A few words about inspiration, and Jack Lancaster, before SNDLOU

I’ve been thinking lately about inspiration. Five days from now, SND Louisville will be well under way, and most of our industry would agree, if we’re not walking away energized and excited about creative potential in its wake, we’re in need of shock therapy. It’s a rite of fall (though I know some people who […]

Design plagiarism: Myth or reality?

Plagiarism is fairly easy to define in most areas of the journalism industry, but there is no copy and pasting in the design world. Where do we draw the line between a flattering imitation and stolen work?

SND CLE is ‘More Than Ink’; now we’re Emmy-winners, too!

Congratulations to Dale Omori and Andrea Levy, producers of — and now Emmy winners for — the SND CLE promotional video, “More Than Ink.” Bravo!

See the video here.

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Charles grapples with inspiration

  Charles Apple veered from his characteristic and informative visual journalism talks, and instead, delivered an evangelical message to the more than 100 folks who turned out to hear him. He took an uncomfortable topic all too familiar to most of us, and turned it into an inspirational call to be ready to remake ourselves […]

Learn about “The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient” with Adonis Durado from The Times of Oman

Our next session will feature an internationally-renowned and innovative designer discussion strategies for visualizing and energizing readers’ interests: Visual Conceit: The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient Engage your reader. As visual journalist, we are told that this is the key to our survival. But this task is daunting, and is not simple as it may […]

Lars Pryds shows how “In cold Scandinavia, magazines are hot” at SND STL

Our next speaker comes to us from the far north for a sizzling session: In cold Scandinavia, magazines are hot Newspapers are struggling to survive, cutting costs and staff – and it shows on the pages. Magazines seems to have more room for experiments, and visuals are part of the fight to get and keep […]

Learn brainstorming & creativity strategies with Carrie Gee, Nick Mrozowski, Emmet Smith at SND STL

Prepare to get inspired by some of the brightest design minds in the world when they converge on SND STL and share their secrets to developing brilliant visual concepts: Brainstorming & Creativity Strategies This session will discuss practical and inspirational strategies on how to brainstorm, especially on deadline and with limited resources. Presenters will discuss their […]

Charles Apple inspires at SND St. Louis with “asdf sdkjafs headline goes here lsjjkadf sdf”

We’re excited to announce Charles Apple, *the* nexus of the universe for what’s going on in print design, journalism and the dearth of copy editors in modern media, will be joining us at SND STL. Btw, yes, the headline is a joke. Uh, so is any other grammar and spelling errors I make. ;D In all seriousness, he’ll be presenting an […]