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Lauren Leto — co-founder of Texts From Last Night — on what media can learn from the social web

Lauren Leto is an author, co-founder, manager and self-described, “bookworm party girl.” Here, she shares insights on why anonymous comments are worth noticing and lessons journalists can take from the startup world.

Leto spoke with us as part of our year-long conversation about design.

Erin Polgreen on Symbolia, a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism

Erin Polgreen wants to make the news, “more beautiful,” and she hopes her new project will do just that. Symbolia, which is set to release later this fall, is a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism.

Recently, she spoke with SND about the magazine, innovation and what inspires her.

SND CLE is ‘More Than Ink’; now we’re Emmy-winners, too!

Congratulations to Dale Omori and Andrea Levy, producers of — and now Emmy winners for — the SND CLE promotional video, “More Than Ink.” Bravo!

See the video here.

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The Poynter Institute’s Butch Ward leads a session on “Managing in White Water”

Bring your boss, or if you’re a boss, bring yourself to this inspirational and practical session about managing in these challenging times: Managing in White Water Helping the members of your staff do their best work is even more challenging in these uncertain times. That’s why, especially in times of great change, it’s important to […]

Who made a visual difference in 2010?

SND Design Journal is compiling a list of visual newsmakers for 2010 and wants your ideas.

The designer’s toolbox with Tyson Evans and David Wright

Exploring new conversations between work by designers and developers and the tools that can be used to find solutions to challenges of newsroom communication.

Breaking out with Russia’s Best Designed

Svetlana Maximchenko leads her newsroom with one charge: Please do something crazy —  break out. When was the last time your boss uttered those words? The editor-in-chief and founder of Akzia newspaper shared an hour of the wealth of print design currently happening in Russia. Her general interest biweekly has won two World’s Best Designed awards […]

Web Boot Camp: Miami, June 12-13

SND’s Web training program is coming to Florida! Translate your design skills to the Web by understanding the essential building blocks. In this two-day course we’ll demystify the Web 2.0 toolbox and help you build a compelling, news-driven package from scratch. SND held three Web Boot Camps last year and one earlier this year, and […]

McSweeney's Panorama

Q+A with McSweeney’s Panorama staff

When McSweeney’s published the San Francisco Panorama in December, many news designers eagerly thumbed through the 300+ page behemoth. Featuring contributions from Stephen King, Chris Ware, Junot Díaz and many other superstars, it was the boldest celebration and embrace of the printed broadsheet format in recent memory.

iStock, therefore I am

Stock art, once a synonym for lazy design and designers, seems to be everywhere, often used in smart and surprising ways. What explains the recent resurgence?

Things I want to read

Newspapers for everyone

As more and more people get their news online, it’s easy to think that the newspaper is about to disappear.

But competition doesn’t automatically create obsolescence. It creates opportunity, and forces enhancement and focus. When you don’t have to do everything, you can concentrate on what you do really well. It is only when a medium’s inherent qualities are superceded in pretty much every way by its successors, that it is in danger. And that has not happened for newspapers.

Don’t worry: Newsprint will survive.

10 Questions for Richard Saul Wurman

It was a treat to pose a few questions to information design guru and good friend, Richard Saul Wurman this week.