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‘Infographics like Count von Count or Buffalo Bill’

Antonio Farach is the ‎Infographic Editor at the Times of Oman and Al Shabiba, two papers in Muscat, Oman, that combined to win 154 awards in the 36th Best of News Design competition. Farach was a Civil Engineering student at the Honduras’ National University but quit after realizing that he was most interested in news […]

The Guts: A closer look at MSNBC’s Geography of Poverty

MSNBC’s Geography of Poverty project is a highly visual look at poverty across the country. Graphics editor Mina Liu and data visualization editor Sam Petulla give us a behind the scenes look at how it came together. How long did you work on this project? How did you collaborate with the reporter and photographer? We first started […]

[infographic case study] Boston Globe’s energetic interactive and print graphics

Chiqui Esteban heads a talented crew at The Boston Globe, creating a stream of great news graphics. Two forces jump to the surface when talking with Esteban. One, the lasting impact of the Globe’s much-heralded 2011 site redesign — a change that brought device-agnostic site design to the top of the news design conversation. This […]

[Infographic case study] The energetic visualizations from Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag

Plotting a course in the changing media landscape leading Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag made a new commitment to infographics. Infographics designer Marina Breame, took time to talk with SND and share some of their projects.

Trina Chiasson on infographics and the role of design in launching Infoactive

Trina Chiasson is a web nerd and the co-founder of Infoactive, an online platform for building interactive infographics with live data. Here, she chats with Judy Siegel on building the product and the role user-experience has played in the launch process.

Meet the interns: Adam Baumgartner, The Chicago Tribune

As summer is winding down, students are making their way back to campus and their college newsrooms. This week, SND asked a few of those students to tell us how their internships went. Today, Adam Baumgartner talks about his experience at The Chicago Tribune.

The bailout of Greece, by Ricardo Martinez.

Visualizing the story: How El Mundo covered the world economic crisis with infographics

As the world economic crisis unfolded, Spain was hit especially hard. The depth and length of the story put a special challenge on visual journalists, to explain and show a complicated, ever-changing story.

Here is how El Mundo covered the story, a model for breaking news infographics, presented here as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation. Read more Conversation pieces here.

Also, this week, stay tuned to for coverage of Malofiej,
the annual infographics gathering in Pamplona, Spain, the 20th anniversary of that great event.

Design lessons from 9/11

What did you learn?

There was stunning photojournalism from the attacks. There were astounding information graphics. There was indelible design. As a visual journalist, what did you learn from 9/11? Share your story.

Oh Lord, anything but those Weather Channel graphics…

John Grimwade talks about “the good, the bad, and the ugly” when it comes to data visualization.

Graphics without words (but) with Juan Velasco

Juan Velasco, art director of National Geographic Magazine, stressed the importance of classic illustration and the ability to convey information without text in his SND Denver session. And you get to meet Wilma.

Heads up, Sarah’s speaking!

Sure, we had to dodge projectiles, but Sarah Slobin’s presentation showed us that looking at a project in different ways can help to produce some fantastic work.

Creating effective interactive graphics with Kat Downs

Interactive graphics, no matter how interesting or cool, should always hit home on the most important feature: the storytelling.

Free (and fabulous) software online with Karl Gude

You don’t have to have a lot of money to make fabulous visuals in print or online. Karl Gude discusses the wiki he created that combines dozens of free pieces of software online to make your storytelling as dynamic as possible.

Losing the Plot

Charts that actually work can be hard to find. John Grimwade is worried about the craft of understanding and presenting data being lost under an avalanche of infographic over-enthusiasm.

Graphics workshop in Xi’an, China, May 11 to 14

Juan Velasco and Jeff Geortzen will guide a hands-on, three-day graphics bootcamp in Xi’an, China. The sessions will take place May 11 to 14 and will cover a wide range of graphics and visuals.

Hosted by the Chinese Business View, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China

Q+A with Thomas Molén — Malofiej’s Best of Show winner

Thomas Molén, a visual journalist for Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm), is a self-proclaimed “visual junkie” and “infographics nerd.” He’s also an award-winner. His online graphic showing voting patterns in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest won the Peter Sullivan/Best of Show award in this year’s Malofiej competition. We interview him and take a look at his amazing work.