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Cracked Hat: The non-sports fan behind the James portrait — and a few dozen others

In early 2013, I was looking for an illustrator to draw a portrait of Bob Dylan for the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s annual Minnesota Profile. At the time, I had a limited experience with the market, so I reached out to Los Angeles Times AME Michael Whitley and sought his advice. I asked for a list […]

Election 2012: Pages from the Cincinnati Enquirer

SND continues its election coverage with pages from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Ohio is another battleground state this presidential election cycle; it has 18 electoral votes up for grabs.

Erin Polgreen on Symbolia, a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism

Erin Polgreen wants to make the news, “more beautiful,” and she hopes her new project will do just that. Symbolia, which is set to release later this fall, is a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism.

Recently, she spoke with SND about the magazine, innovation and what inspires her.

SND Gold Medal winner Qingjun Zhang will discuss his Golden Tiger at SND STL

We’re excited to announce our next speaker for SND STL, winner of a rare SND Gold Medal for his design work on the Chinese Tiger calendar package, Qingjun Zhang! He will be discussing, “The state and the trend of Chinese ‘serious’ Newspapers and the Golden Tiger” including his Gold Medal project (photos above, courtesy of […]

SND Photo Illo Throwdown winners reveal their work process

SND asked people to show off their sick Photoshop skills. And now three celebrity judges have chosen the winners.
Kirk Montgomery, Albert Lee and Troy Oxford show their Photoshop wizardry and share the inspirations that netted them fame and glory in the competition.

Graphics without words (but) with Juan Velasco

Juan Velasco, art director of National Geographic Magazine, stressed the importance of classic illustration and the ability to convey information without text in his SND Denver session. And you get to meet Wilma.

How to keep design smart on a tight budget with Dan Zedek

In his presentation on Friday morning, titled “Smart Design on a Tight Budget,” Zedek handed out tips and techniques for those working in newsrooms with little to no budget for design, photography and illustration.

The envelope, please…

Movie fronts are all about voice. Your challenge is to capture the tone of the movie, using color, scale, typography, and the same handout images that every other designer in the world is staring at. How do you use a flat page and your wits to capture a motion picture? Here’s how some newspapers played the Best Picture nominees when they first appeared.

iStock, therefore I am

Stock art, once a synonym for lazy design and designers, seems to be everywhere, often used in smart and surprising ways. What explains the recent resurgence?

GOLD: Compelling illustrations portray rapists and their victims

The features judges gave this series of illustrations depicting rapists and their victims a gold medal. They recognized how difficult a topic this is to tackle. Most publications would play it safe, but this one walked the line in tackling this concept with a visceral edge.

GOLD: 60th anniversary of China in 60 panels of illustration

We’re deep into Day Two of the 31st Best of News Design™ Competition. The original judging teams have worked through their primary assignments and have now been recombined to create a new graphics team. The new magazine categories are getting their first close look on the judging tables (also known as the killing fields) and […]