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Design Journal: Love letters

We know you’ve got one. Every time you see it — that favorite letterform of yours — you melt a little inside. Uppercase, lowercase, straight-edged, curvy, handwritten, computer-generated — anything goes when it comes to letters that strike the heart.

Design Journal: There’s passion behind everything we do

Design Journal is back! [Cue the trumpets!] We’re thrilled that the Journal has returned after a long hiatus. And cranking it back up, again, was quite the journey. What you’ll soon be holding in your hands (if you don’t already have it by now) is a magazine that was printed in Dubai, shipped to Orlando, […]

Design Journal: A look inside the Passion Issue

We’ve built this issue of Design Journal around the theme of passion and how it has a hold on us all. Visual designers and educators from around the world open up about how passion drives them in the work they do: Lars Pyrds stresses putting heart behind your work; Paul Wallen opens up about the […]