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In 2012 SND will host a Year-Long Conversation about all things news design. The conversation will take place on the site and at various events around the world.


Designing Election 2012: Share your pages, graphics and interactives here

After years of campaigning, gazillions of negative ads, thousands upon thousands of debates, oodles upon oodles of facts checked, gaffs that made their own gaffs, mailers, robocalls, stumping, swinging, polling, real-clear-politicking, all endlessly, breathlessly analyzed, re-analyzed and re-re-analyzed. And now we are here. Election Day 2012.

A day like no other.

Let’s see what you’ve done. Show your work here at SND | Show Your Work on tumblr. Click on the submit button and you can post a text or image file. Ask a question and then we’ll discuss, breakdown and breathlessly move on to the next big thing.

This week we’ll focus on the election, but think of this as our digital gathering spot where you can start to come to check out each others work.

Your Excuse Sucks

Election 2012: Storytelling + Humor = A microsite with attitude

The team at Cultivated Wit has a message for the American people: If you’re not voting in this election, your excuse sucks. Larry Buchanan talks about his involvement with the project he hopes will shame people into voting.

This is sixth in a week-long series of election coverage on

Sunday Times cover

The view from London: Election 2012, roast beef and Romney

Michael Agar, region director for western Europe, reflects on British news coverage of the upcoming U.S. presidential election from a London pub.

This is part five in a week-long series of SND’s election coverage.

Election 2012: A look at pages from Mexico City

Coverage of the U.S. election in Mexico City was significant the major dailies El Universal, La Razón, Reporte Indigo, Reforma and Excélsior. Here is a sample of some of the work. A link to El Universal’s interactive analysis is here. Here is Excelsior’s special web site. And here is Reporto’s Indigo’s election site.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, right, and running mate Paul Ryan wave at the conclusion of a campaign rally at the Henderson Pavilion Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012.

Election 2012: How Las Vegas Sun photographer Steve Marcus makes images of Governor Mitt Romney

Nevada — with its six electoral votes — is one of a handful of states President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney consider a toss up this election cycle. As both candidates make myriad stops in the area surrounding Sin City, Las Vegas Sun photographer Steve Marcus explains how he approaches making thoughtful and unique images of sometimes redundant campaign events.


Election 2012: Inside the Washington Post’s digital efforts

How do you build successful digital products to cover a news event as large as a presidential election?

Sarah Sampsel, Director of Digital, Mobile and New Product Design at The Washington Post, offers her advice based on work her team has built in D.C.


Election 2012: Pages from the Cincinnati Enquirer

SND continues its election coverage with pages from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Ohio is another battleground state this presidential election cycle; it has 18 electoral votes up for grabs.


Meet SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2012: Deb Withey and Roger Black

At the awards gathering at SND’s workshop in Cleveland this fall SND presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Black and Deb Withey. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest individual honor the Society can bestow and only 19 have received the it.

Roger’s vision and leadership has set the standard for newspaper and magazine design. His work with type and digital platforms has lead the way far out ahead of the rest of the industry. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Deb’s sense of community and gift for teaching transformed newsrooms of all sizes and her ability to use the tools of design to capture a place transformed communities. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Photo: Tamara Wade

Lauren Leto — co-founder of Texts From Last Night — on what media can learn from the social web

Lauren Leto is an author, co-founder, manager and self-described, “bookworm party girl.” Here, she shares insights on why anonymous comments are worth noticing and lessons journalists can take from the startup world.

Leto spoke with us as part of our year-long conversation about design.


Bethany Heck on baseball, letterpress and the next stage of web storytelling

Bethany Heck is the designer behind Eephus League and end-grain. Her work on Eephus league magazine does some incredible storytelling. “I wanted the magazine to be immersive and experiential without being overwrought. Printed pieces have a pacing and rhythm to them that it usually lost on the web, and I feel like that missing element makes longer form reading difficult on the web. I also spent a lot of time on nitty gritty type details, like hanging punctuation and watching for rivers and widows. I know that most of that work is wasted time because of browser preferences, but it was important to me,” she said.

Heck spoke with us as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

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Doug Wilson on the linotype machine, storytelling, and 1886

Doug Wilson is a designer. He’s also a filmmaker. And a letterpress lover.

Wilson is the producer/director of a documentary “Linotype: The Film,” that explores the “eighth wonder of the world” and how it revolutionized the printing industry. Wilson says the linotype was like the “Twitter of 1886” — understanding its impact crucial to our understanding today’s news cycle.

Wilson spoke with us as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

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One theme per week. One story per day. All about New York.

One theme per week. One story per day, told in the medium best-suited for that story. Oh, and only about New York City.

No breaking news. No big headlines. No jam-packed news website front pages.

Sound like a dream job?

That’s the basic vision of Narratively, a new digital platform led by Noah Rosenberg, a 29 year-old journalist from Brooklyn. As a mix of text, images, graphics and interactives, the site is slated to launch later this month. Rosenberg and others on the team launched a Kickstarter campaign near the beginning of August to raise some startup cash and they’re about 80 percent of the way to the $50,000 funding goal with less than a week to go.

Rosenberg spoke with us as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for SND’s annual workshop in Cleveland here.

Erin Polgreen

Erin Polgreen on Symbolia, a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism

Erin Polgreen wants to make the news, “more beautiful,” and she hopes her new project will do just that. Symbolia, which is set to release later this fall, is a tablet magazine of illustrated journalism.

Recently, she spoke with SND about the magazine, innovation and what inspires her.


Artist and writer Austin Kleon on stealing, index cards, upright pianos and the obits

In his books, posts and notes writer and artist Austin Kleon has created an amazing dialogue about art, creativity and making things in our webby world. “I’ve always looked up to artists who don’t hoard their secrets and are open about their processes,” he said. When it comes to news, Kleon said he subscribes to Sturgeon’s Law: “90 percent of everything is crap.”

Kleon took a few minutes to talk with SND as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.


Olympics Wrap: UK Front Pages

Wrapping up the SportsDesigner-SND cameo right here, and it seems fitting to end it simply, with some closing ceremony front pages. Seriously, what’s left after that? The Times of London The Guardian The Independent The Telegraph The Sun The Daily Mail Bonus i. The Guardian’s Brick-By-Brick piece — which, in the U.S., we recall from [...]

Athletics 2 (throw, jumps, combined sports)

Olympics from El Correo

A look at a missed set of preview graphics from El Correo.