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Boston strong

The Patriots’ season-ending quarter. The Celtics coaching change. The Boston Marathon’s tragic finish. The Bruins’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Red Sox unexpected lead. Luke Knox, lead sports designer at The Boston Globe, shares what it’s like designing for an intense year in Boston sports.

The rush to (news) judgment

The Aug. 3 cover of Rolling Stone features Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It’s a profile, and by my account — and those of many others qualified to account — a very good profile. But the profile itself is not the topic. Placing Tsarnaev’s image on the cover has, to understate the issue, caused a stir. So, let’s not make this about agreeing or disagreeing with the decision to run this cover in this way; let’s instead consider only the act of making the decision, and examine two perspectives of Rolling Stone.