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The Boston Globe implored the American people to demand tougher gun laws; SND asked for the story behind ‘Make it stop’

At just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15, The Boston Globe Opinion team tweeted the front page of the next day’s paper. On it, an AR-15 assault rife, a single bullet hole, and a headline that implored, ‘Make it stop.’ A powerful, and unequivocal call to action in the wake of the deadliest mass […]

A closer look at the Boston Globe’s redesigned Saturday edition

On October 3, the Boston Globe launched a redesign of it’s Saturday edition, aimed at highlighting enterprise stories and infusing the pacing and look of magazines into the weekend edition. I asked¬†Dan Zedek, assistant managing editor for design, to share a look at the second week’s pages, the philosophy behind the redesign and how readers […]

Behind the Boston Globe’s postseason Red Sox coverage

Before lead sports designer Luke Knox heads to the Boston Globe graphics department as a full-time graphic artist, we asked him to share some of their pages from the Red Sox’ World Series run.

Boston strong

The Patriots’ season-ending quarter. The Celtics coaching change. The Boston Marathon’s tragic finish. The Bruins’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Red Sox unexpected lead. Luke Knox, lead sports designer at The Boston Globe, shares what it’s like designing for an intense year in Boston sports.

Eight pages, 14,000 words: How the Boston Globe re-told the story of April 15, 2013

Last week, the team at the Boston Globe set out with a goal to provide its readers a complete re-telling of the events surrounding the bombings that shook the city. Here, news designer Robert Davis shares about the process that went into generating this special section.

The winners: AofE No. 350

The 350th Award of Excellence goes to the Boston Globe for Features Design/Inside page.