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Ball State student Adam Baumgartner on developing a portfolio site from scratch

Don’t come to me with your questions about coding. I’m not your guy. My knowledge is limited. But, my limited knowledge is what I hope makes this blog valuable.

PHOTOS: Scenes surrounding the Olympic Games

Taylor Bussick, Valerie Carnevale, Bobby Ellis, Corey Ohlenkamp and Emily Theis are among the 40 students from Ball State University who travelled to London for the school’s immersive-learning program, BSU at the Games. For those of us who have been following the Olympics from home, we’ve relied, in part, on stunning photography to take us from our […]

SND33: Live in Muncie, Best of Digital Design judging begins

Welcome to the Society for News Design’s digital competition, live from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Thirteen judges and a bevy of hardworking students have gathered to recognize excellence in design and usability of digital news design, information graphics and photography. We’ll take a closer look at the judges later this weekend, but here’s […]