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SNDLOU: Students, here’s what you need to know about the conference

Whether you’re coming to Louisville as a freshman, a senior, a newbie, or a pro, here’s what you need to know about attending the annual workshop!

On designing historical moments at The Washington Post

Journalists are in the business of breaking news. But how do you deal with it when your paper becomes the story? I found out on Monday afternoon when Don Graham announced the sale of The Washington Post.

Syracuse Student Symposium summary

A summary of the Syracuse Student Symposium — held Friday on the Syracuse campus — featuring presentations by Jonathon Berlin, Richard Johnson and Adonis Durado: To view the speakers presentations and read an archive of our “Cover It Live” blog from the event here. Jonathon Berlin: Mistakes I’ve made (For video of Jonathon’s speech, click […]

Charles grapples with inspiration

  Charles Apple veered from his characteristic and informative visual journalism talks, and instead, delivered an evangelical message to the more than 100 folks who turned out to hear him. He took an uncomfortable topic all too familiar to most of us, and turned it into an inspirational call to be ready to remake ourselves […]

The Poynter Institute’s Butch Ward leads a session on “Managing in White Water”

Bring your boss, or if you’re a boss, bring yourself to this inspirational and practical session about managing in these challenging times: Managing in White Water Helping the members of your staff do their best work is even more challenging in these uncertain times. That’s why, especially in times of great change, it’s important to […]

Bonita Burton & The Intern’s from SND Orlando competition return to discuss “Where the Jobs Are” at SND STL

Our next panel will offer a real-world perspective for both students and professionals on where our future careers are headed with a special group of SND alumni, the original class from SND Orlando’s “The Intern” competition! If you’d like to refresh your memory of the original ‘Intern’ class, check out the epic video of their experience. […]

Handouts from SND Denver

Here are some of the handouts speakers at SND Denver passed along to the SND International Web Desk to share: Paul Wallen’s “Design ER” Julie Elman’s Picture page tips (If you were a speaker and are willing to include your handouts from SND Denver, please email them to