Conference News

March 21, 2017

+ Speaker: Sam Williams (Quartz) on building products that stick

March 13, 2017

+ Speakers: Adonis Durado & Antonio Farach (Times of Oman) on their passion for storytelling through infographics

March 8, 2017

+ Add your tribute to this year’s Lifetime Achievement honorees

March 7, 2017

+ Our commitment to creating a safe conference community

March 6, 2017

+ We’re partnering with Creative Mornings on April 21

March 2, 2017

+ Speaker: Suzie Ford (NoDa Brewing) on quitting her day job to start a brewery

March 1, 2017

+ Speakers: Terence Oliver (UNC) and Belinda Ivey (KarBel Media) on the world of motion graphics

February 27, 2017

+ SNDCLT: Themes and tracks and speakers, oh my!

+ Speaker: Amanda Zamora (Texas Tribune) on how she ‘helps truth find an audience’

February 24, 2017

+ Speaker: Tonia Cowan (Boston Globe) on the art of sketching

February 23, 2017

+ Speaker: Randy Yeip (Wall Street Journal) on why great teachers are artists

February 13, 2017

+ Speaker: Sanette Tanaka (Vox) on designing interfaces for voice-based products

+ Attention students: How to get a free registration for SND Charlotte workshop

February 8, 2017

+ Speaker: Nuri Ducassi (Toronto Star) on designing pages 1,500 miles away from her newsroom

February 7, 2017

+ Speaker: Lauren Leto (Listen) on building products for conversation

February 1, 2017

+ Speaker: Joey Marburger (The Washington Post) on how product design makes complex things simple

+ Speaker: Dheerja Kaur (theSkimm) on building teams that win at large and small organizations

January 31, 2017

+ Speaker: Greg Manifold (The Washington Post) on designing for the election and big news events

January 27, 2017

+ Speakers: Tim Ball (Politico Europe) and Paul Wallen (Advance Digital) share their pro tips about changing jobs

January 25, 2017

+ Speakers: Cheryl Pell and Darcy Greene (Michigan State) on the impact SND had on their teaching careers

January 23, 2017

+ Speaker: Fernando Baptista (National Geographic) explains his passion for sculpting

January 19, 2017

+ Speaker: Jamey Fry (Washington Business Journal) on developing creativity and finding the right career path

January 18, 2017

+ Speaker: Tobias Frere-Jones (type designer) on creating Gotham, Retina and other typefaces we use every day

January 17, 2017

+ Speaker: Lucie Lacava to lead hands-on Instagram training at SND Charlotte

January 16, 2017

+ Lifetime Achievement: Randy Stano (Univ. of Miami) on how SND helped his teaching and journalism careers

January 12, 2017

+ Speaker: Bo Boghosian (Niantic) discusses what it was like to help create Pokemon Go

January 10, 2017

+ Calling all volunteers for SNDCLT

January 9, 2017

+ Speaker: Kevin Merida (The Undefeated) says ‘it’s a great time to be a journalist’

January 5, 2017

+ Speaker: Charlotte chef Ashley Boyd on how she ‘paints with flavors’

+ Speaker: Charlotte chef Paul Verica on how he tells stories through his food

+ Speaker: Yuri Victor (Vox Media) wants to build better tools to empower design

December 1, 2016

+ Nominate speakers for SND Charlotte

+ Think Before You Make at SND Charlotte

October 1, 2016

+ A statement regarding HB2