Society of News Design

We are SND

Jennifer Palilonis, educator

I am a partner in learning with my students. It’s what I live for as an educator.

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Melissa Angle, projects editor

Thanks to SND I will always have a support system of some of the world’s most talented journalists.

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Lisa Donato, student

The SNDF internship challenged me to step out of my comfort zone

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Jeremy Gilbert, educator

It’s OK to stand in front of an audience and have an idea fail

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Michael Workman, digital designer

The designer is an advocate for the reader or user.

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Rebekah Monson, editor

We don’t go to work for awards, we do it for readers

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Jen Levario Cieslak, freelancer

Cross training is the best thing you can do for your career

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Larry Buchanan, freelancer

SND basically kicked off my visual journalism life.

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