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SND annual: Who’s got the front?

It’s on: submit your design for the cover of SND’s 35th edition of The Best of News Design™ book by March 7. We’ll post all the entrants here and give you a chance to vote on your favorite.

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SND Karaoke (710)

Time to sing: It’s karaoke night!

Judges and facilitators have convened to Syracuse, N.Y., to enjoy thousands of pages of excellent design and unspeakably awesome weather. Few people know the real reason they’re here: the annual tradition of SND Foundation Karaoke Night. Every year we raise an impressive amount of money from the people who come to Syracuse, but we also [...]

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Syracuse Sun morning (710)

SND35 video: Behind the scenes of Best of News Design™ competition

Syracuse grad student Miriam Taylor shot several videos that shows the intricate process behind the scenes at SND’s Best of News Design™ competition. SND35: Best of News Design™ competition behind the scenes from The Society for News Design on Vimeo. SND35: Best of News Design™ competition behind the scenes from The Society for News Design [...]

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SND35 Award of Excellence

The winners: A of E No. 75

An Award of Excellence goes to The Economic Observer of Beijing, China, in Features Design, Lifestyle page.

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3 Questions: Heather Hopp-Bruce

Heather Hopp-Bruce is op-ed design supervisor at the Boston Globe, and is a Features judge for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. To get to know her better, we posed three questions: Have you noticed any design trends? Giant random floating drop caps, but the actual first letter of the piece is still intact; chalkboard [...]

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Times of Oman Mandela spread

Infographic case study: Times of Oman incredible Mandela visualizations (… and some others)

The Times of Oman and Al Shabiba are among the top winners in SND’s annual competition with bold designs that take on big stories in big ways.

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SND35: This Is Why It Matters

It’s worth your while to let your best work stand up to the best in the world. (Part 1 of 4).

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Help the SND Foundation help students … and help yourself to a tax break, too!

Learn about how donations to the SND Foundation have impacted past recipients, and how your donation entitles you to a tax break.

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Infographic case study: Die Zeit’s visual history of data storage

Nora Coenenberg chats about creating infographics at Die Zeit in Hamburg, Germany.

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SND illustrations

Bid for great illustrations, help the SND Foundation

Seven illustrators — Miguel Davila, Adonis Durado, Martin Gee, Michael Hogue, Andrea Levy, Troy Oxford and Dan Zacroczemski — have donated their services to create a custom illustration for you.

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Harris Siegel on hockey, kerning, and being a mentor

Harris Siegel was given SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday. We haven’t heard much Harris since he left newspapers in 2008, so we wanted to catch up with some questions and answers.

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The long-form digital design process at CNN, New York Times and Washington Post

This morning, Andrew Kueneman, deputy director of digital design at The New York Times, Greg Manifold, design director at the Washington Post, Sarah Sampsel, director of digital strategy at the Washington Post, and Judith Siegel, senior UX designer at presented “Go Long: How to master long-form digital design,” a session about the process behind making a couple thousand word stories beautiful in a digital presence.

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SNDLOU: Day three at a glance

Here’s what you need to know to get your day started.

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Infographics that both inform and entertain

This afternoon, University of Miami professor Albert Cairo, author of The Functional Art,” presented, “An Insightful Art: The Future of News Infographics,” a session about the values all infographics should hold, now and in the future.

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David Kordalski, 2014 SND President

SND election results announced

Each year the Society for News Design holds elections for its officers: the secretary-treasurer, vice president and president. SND members vote and the winners are announced at the annual workshop.

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SNDLOU Illustrated: The Onion’s session ‘Your Friend in Digital Media’

Emily Theis is an editorial designer at The Boston Globe and will soon finish her senior year at Ball State University. Throughout the workshop, she will be illustrating key points from our speakers.

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