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NOMINATE: Speaker recommendations for SND Charlotte

SND leadership and SND Charlotte organizers want to hear from YOU as we prepare for SND’s 39th annual workshop and exhibition in Charlotte, NC, April 19-21, 2017. We’re seeking suggestions and nominations for session presenters, panelists, themes and categories you want to participate in and learn more about. We’re striving to make SND Charlotte the […]

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#SNDSF speaker Mark Porter on creating visual identities

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, SND interviews award-winning designer Mark Porter of Mark Porter Associates.

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Welcome to the SND20 2015 Middle East Creative News Design Conference

Photo by Abrar Mohsin This second edition of the Creative News Design will be held at Dubai Knowledge Village at Dubai (UAE) October 23, 24 and 25, 2015 The Conference will be held with two workshops: Information Graphics with Fernado Baptista and Arabic Design with Osama Alwajish This conference shares the latest trends and ideas that are being implemented by […]

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Ole Munk

Ole Munk: Continuity is the key to success

Ole Munk, who speaks at SND Frankfurt workshop next month, will emphasize the role of the designer in a world where audiences crave reliability and familiarity.

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Sara Quinn

At SND Frankfurt: What eyetrack research teaches us about readers

At the upcoming SND Frankfurt workshop, design researcher Sara Quinn will talk about findings from Poynter’s many studies of how people engage with journalistic storytelling across platforms. Quinn will also give a sneak preview of a current project on how readers engage with photojournalism.

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Hello, Cleveland! Speaker announcements for SNDCLE workshop start this week

There’s just five months to go until visual journalists from around the globe descend on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Capital of the World for the 34th annual SND Workshop and Exhibition in Cleveland, Oct. 11-13. They’ll come for an amazing opening evening at the Rock Hall of Fame + Museum! They’ll come for the fantastic […]

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Quick Q & A with Robert Newman, Creative Director of Reader’s Digest

We caught up with Robert Newman, creative director at Reader’s Digest and SND STL panelist to find out a little bit more about what makes him tick: SND STL: You’ve done amazing work at a lot of great titles over the years. If you could have editorial and visual control of just one magazine anywhere […]

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Learn about how to balance education in the digital age at SND STL

Education is a continuing and important piece of the future newsroom, this session will help find ways to stay up to speed: Education in Digital Age This session will discuss how teachers and life-long learners can stay up to speed on the most recent technological developments and their applications to journalism. Especially focused on balancing limited budgets, limited […]

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From “Milk Eggs Vodka” to stealing bricks: learn about bootstrapping your passion and entrepreneurship for creative media at SND STL

Come get inspired by our next session: Bootstrapping Your Passion: Entrepreneurship for Creative Media Kick-staring, boot-strapping and entrepreneurship is exploding right now — there’s never been a more exciting time to be creating your own creative media content. Learn how to take an idea, a curiosity, a side project or a personal passion and turn […]

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Get ready for the 2012 elections with our print and digital panel at SND STL

As the law says, bust a deal, face the wheel! We’ll offer more election info than you can shake a corn dog at in this lively panel of pioneers: Election 2012: Preparing for Thunderdome in Print & Digital Speakers representing both digital and print will share their experiences, inspiration, ideas and suggestions to prepare your […]

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Learn lessons from the Gannett, Tribune, Scripps & Hearst design hubs at SND STL

Our next session is a follow up to last year’s popular panel: Lessons From the Design Hubs This session will focus on the design hub consolidation at Gannett, Tribune, Scripps and Hearst, with leaders from each organization discussing what they’ve learned, what has worked, what didn’t and what the future holds. Kate Marymont Kate Marymont […]

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Dynamo professor, innovative newsroom and social media leader, Jen Reeves, will turbo-charge your skillset at SND STL

Our next dynamic speaker is a powerhouse of journalism education and runs one of the most innovative newsrooms in the nation regularly recognized by industry publications including the PBS Media Shift blog. She’s going to compress a semester of training with her turbo-charged Mizzou classes into 50 minutes for folks looking to get up to […]

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Zite CEO & Washington Post’s Trove designer discuss designing personalized news experiences on tablet devices

Our next ground-breaking session couldn’t have been done 10, even 2 years ago: Designing Personalized Tablet News Nicolas Negroponte’s 1970s prophecy of “The Daily Me” is now here. Dozens of organizations from traditional media to start-ups are now creating unique, customized tablet news experiences that embrace the tablet as a personalized publishing platform. This session […]

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Learn about “The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient” with Adonis Durado from The Times of Oman

Our next session will feature an internationally-renowned and innovative designer discussion strategies for visualizing and energizing readers’ interests: Visual Conceit: The Secret Ingredient of the Secret Ingredient Engage your reader. As visual journalist, we are told that this is the key to our survival. But this task is daunting, and is not simple as it may […]

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The Poynter Institute’s Butch Ward leads a session on “Managing in White Water”

Bring your boss, or if you’re a boss, bring yourself to this inspirational and practical session about managing in these challenging times: Managing in White Water Helping the members of your staff do their best work is even more challenging in these uncertain times. That’s why, especially in times of great change, it’s important to […]

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Poynter’s Sara Quinn teaches about “Photo Editing in the Digital Age” at SND St. Louis

Our next amazing teacher will help us navigate the challenges of working with visuals across many different platforms with: Photo Editing in the Digital Age How can we give great photojournalism the best possible play, regardless of platform? The foundations of photojournalism stand firm, even as technology changes and new devices appear on the horizon. […]

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