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SNDF Karaoke Night Returns At SND37!

It’s time to talk music. Very bad music, performed by your industry colleagues. The long and short of this is, a year ago, at SND36, the SND Foundation Karaoke Night raised $4,850 — more than double its previous judging record. We cannot revert to old ways after a year like that. Whether you’re attending or following […]

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Time to sing: It’s karaoke night!

Judges and facilitators have convened to Syracuse, N.Y., to enjoy thousands of pages of excellent design and unspeakably awesome weather. Few people know the real reason they’re here: the annual tradition of SND Foundation Karaoke Night. Every year we raise an impressive amount of money from the people who come to Syracuse, but we also […]

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SND35 Judging: Guide for First-Timers

Attending SND judging for the first time? This guide will help you guess what to expect, what to pack, and what you’ll see.

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Challenge someone to a song after the Super Bowl

Make your donations and song requests now to get ready for SND Foundation Karaoke Night starting immediately following the Super Bowl tonight. Challenge a friend or colleague to a song by sending a tweet to @sndkaraoke.

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Raising our glee — and mon-ee — for SNDF

Many people started out the night insisting that they would not sing. By the time things wrapped up, most of them had succumbed to the coaxing of the crowd. As the last seconds of the Super Bowl ticked away, SND Karaoke Night kicked off to raise money for the SND Foundation. We collected $2,344 in donations with about $1,700 more in pledges.

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IT’S KARAOKE NIGHT: Challenge your friends from your own couch

You can donate through PayPal and help fund a new paid internship for a student and a publication or website.

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