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SND Charlotte workshop announces first group of speakers

The Society for News Design is excited to announce its first group of speakers for Unite & Rebel, the annual workshop being¬†held this year in Charlotte, N.C. on April 19-21. Come back for more speaker announcements next week. Celebrate the way design and creativity powers the world. This is the event of the year, so […]

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Introducing SND’s exclusive newsletter for members

The Society for News Design is pleased to introduce SNDigest: A bimonthly newsletter for members only.

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#SNDSF: Thank you

The Society for News Design wants to say thank you for taking the time to join us in San Francisco. Register now to join us at SNDCLT!

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Community and connections, SNDMakes-SF invents new experiences for the news and civic designers

A mid–design-sprint update.

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Meet SNDMakes-SF, designing prototypes for the news design community

Nearly 30 organizations represented in our three-days design sprint

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Video: SNDMakes-Chicago Invitational talks about their prototypes

Watch teams talk about their prototypes and learn about SNDMakes.

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#SNDSF: Send your donations for the SND Foundation silent auction

Money raised supports work to help educate and inspire future visual journalists.

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Join us for SNDMakes-SF at Code for America HQ

45 participants will be accepted, and notifications sent March 14.

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#SNDSF for students: Register for free Student Day workshop

The Thursday, April 7 event for students and faculty features a cool program of speakers and portfolio reviews.

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SNDSF in five-minute increments: Sign up now for lightning talks

Think of it as a string of snack-sized presentations, or a speed date with knowledge.

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SNDMakes-Chicago gaming prototypes plus links to demos, repos and presos

What we made in less than 3 days at SNDMakesCHI

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From social justice to news games, SNDMakes Chicago is hacking on gaming community

Mid-sprint updates from our first invitaional.

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Meet the ‘makers’ gathering in Chicago to prototype for the gaming community

Nearly 30 organizations represented for 2.5-days of making

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Video: SNDMakes Austin talks about their prototypes

Watch teams talk about their prototypes, and learn a bit more about SNDMakes.

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Call for judges: SND Student Design competition

Be a judge for the student design contest ahead of SNDSF, April 7, in San Francisco.

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Register today for #SNDSF, and bring a sweater!

Space is limited, so register today for the 38th Annual Workshop & Exhibition from April 7-9 in SF.

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