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ÑH competition expands to Latin America

The ÑH competition, the most prestigious newspaper competition in Spain and Portugal, is expanding in 2016 to Latin America, becoming an intercontinental affair. With this change the ÑH expects to become bigger and stronger than ever.

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Malofiej 24: Register, submit work now

Now is the time to register for the 24th Malofiej infographics summit, and prepare your entries for inclusion in the print or online categories. The Malofiej is hosted at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, by SND Region 14 (Spain and Mediterranean) and is referred to as the Pulitzers for infographics. The awards, the […]

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Lessons from Malofiej21: Less gratuitous illustration, more information and ever increasing standards for excellence

In Pamplona, a picturesque city in northern Spain, a week of infographic intensity has been completed. 1,191 entries (from 154 organizations in 28 countries) have been scrutinized, hours of lectures attended, a great deal of food and wine has been consumed, and I made my annual run at the world gin and tonic record. You can see the full list of winners here. And see the golds here.

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Twenty-five infographics lessons from Malofiej 20

It was another inspirational and incredible week in Pamplona, Spain. Here were some of the take-aways I took with me. Click on the jump for the Storify page.

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Malofiej 20 winners: The jury talks about the gold medal work

In Spain for the 20th gathering of the Malofiej awards and summit, there was a record number of submissions: 1,513 from nearly 30 countries. From that the jury selected 111 winners from around a dozen countries with 8 taking the top award: A gold medal. It should be noted that 63 awards went to print […]

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Malofiej 20: Best of show for the New York Times, plus the list of winners

The Jury of the 20th International Infographics Awards at Malofiej has given 8 gold medals, 31 silver medals and 73 bronze medals. The New York Times and were awarded the Peter Sullivan / Best of Show Award, with the graphics ‘Guantanamo Detainees’ and ‘The Guantanamo Docket.’ There were 1,356 entries from 151 media from […]

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Notes from Malofiej 20 speakers: visualization, truth and beauty

It’s a packed schedule at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, the site of Malofiej 20. Speakers on the first day focused on data visualization, comprehension of infographic forms, the process of making graphics and more. Here are highlights from some of the sessions. Andrew Vande Moere The tyranny of the pixel Andrew Vande […]

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Live from Pamplona, Spain: Malofiej 20 Infographics World Summit

Pamplona, Spain is once again playing host to Malofiej, the world’s top gathering and competition for infographics. This is Malofiej’s 20th year, a significant milestone. For the past few days, a jury of 21 leaders of the craft have judged entries from all over the world and chosen winners which will be announced Friday.

_ Talking graphics: How El Mundo covered the financial crisis.
_ SND’s Year-Long Conversation
_Coverage of SND’s other competitions

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The bailout of Greece, by Ricardo Martinez.

Visualizing the story: How El Mundo covered the world economic crisis with infographics

As the world economic crisis unfolded, Spain was hit especially hard. The depth and length of the story put a special challenge on visual journalists, to explain and show a complicated, ever-changing story.

Here is how El Mundo covered the story, a model for breaking news infographics, presented here as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation. Read more Conversation pieces here.

Also, this week, stay tuned to for coverage of Malofiej,
the annual infographics gathering in Pamplona, Spain, the 20th anniversary of that great event.

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