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The long road to SXSW: MSU students pave their way to Austin with creativity

8 MSU students are raising support to travel more than 1,000 miles to help four non-profit organizations.

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iPad Quick Courses head to San Francisco, Chicago

The next stop on this year’s Quick Course circuit: the San Francisco Chronicle will play host to the next SND iPad/Tablet Quick Course, on Sept. 14-15. That will be followed by Loyola University Chicago, on Oct. 18-19. More than 100 people have taken advantage of this training – free for members and just $25 for non-members thanks to a supporting grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation – so get yourself and your colleagues registered today!

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From iPhone to printed page: The rise of Instagram in major publications

On Sunday morning, March 31, the journalism faithful trudged out to their collective front porch, picked up the hefty edition of The New York Times and found a comfortable spot to curl up for an anticipated weekly read. On this Sunday, if you pay attention to photography, it didn’t take long to be surprised by the (not-so) Old Gray Lady.

Right there, smack in the middle three columns of the Times’ front page, was Alex Rodriguez, staring back at you from a well-composed, well-lit portrait. Taken on an iPhone in a men’s restroom.

This caused a bit of reaction in the blogosphere, and on Twitter, and on Facebook; and, quite likely, on couches across America. We asked top photo and visual editors what they thought, what policies they had for similar photography and what they see coming. More from Sports Illustrated’s Brad Smith, the Washington Post’s David Griffin, the Los Angeles Times’ Michael Whitley and the Chicago Tribune’s Robin Daughtridge on the jump.

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Meet SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2012: Deb Withey and Roger Black

At the awards gathering at SND’s workshop in Cleveland this fall SND presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Black and Deb Withey. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest individual honor the Society can bestow and only 19 have received the it.

Roger’s vision and leadership has set the standard for newspaper and magazine design. His work with type and digital platforms has lead the way far out ahead of the rest of the industry. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Deb’s sense of community and gift for teaching transformed newsrooms of all sizes and her ability to use the tools of design to capture a place transformed communities. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

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Lifetime Achievement Award, Roger Black: Innovator, leader, visionary

The recipients of SND’s Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2012 are Roger Black and Deborah Withey. The awards were presented at SND’s annual workshop and exhibition in Cleveland this fall. Before Black and Withey, only 19 have received the honor.

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I’ve been to lots of beautiful places across the USA where adventurous hikers can view a rich variety of wildlife wonders. But here on the Cape Haze Peninsula, the incredibly tame, diverse, and bountiful wildlife comes to us. As these photos show, even a casual trip to the grocery store can unfold into a thrilling wildlife show. On one such trip, I became mesmerized by the Osprey family putting on a show from their nest high atop a light pole in the parking lot of the bustling Cape Haze Publix. The adults were busy delivering fresh fish to 3 hungry chicks. I love living here because I see things daily that most of the world sees only on The Discovery Channel. Photo by Brett Slattery

Community newspaper design: Southwest Florida Gems

Our community newspaper design columnist Donna Davidson shares the six rules she’s developed for sorting through hundreds of photos each week, looking for the jewels … the ones that take her breath away. She’s currently designing a weekly community-rich long tab called the Punta Gorda Herald. It is name-and-photo centric.

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