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[Infographic case study] The energetic visualizations from Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag

Plotting a course in the changing media landscape leading Swiss weekly NZZ am Sonntag made a new commitment to infographics. Infographics designer Marina Breame, took time to talk with SND and share some of their projects.

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Infographic case study: Die Zeit’s visual history of data storage

Nora Coenenberg chats about creating infographics at Die Zeit in Hamburg, Germany.

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Talking Olympics infographics with Jan Schwochow (plus check out the Olympics issue of IN GRAPHICS)

The stunning visual work of IN GRAPHICS creates that unique humbling, inspiring feeling that makes us all want to be better storytellers. This “magazine for visual people” out of Berlin, Germany has raked in the awards and accolades. But to hold a copy is to embrace the craft of printing and experience the skill and touch of visual storytelling at its best. The magazine comes out twice a year and focuses on timely issues on a series of spreads. Read more here. Editor and Publisher Jan Schwochow took a few minutes to talk with SND about the new Olympics issue.

This interview is part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design. Read more about the Olympics and other conversation pieces here.

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Region 16 update

Check out “The Best of Newspaper Design” exhibit in Hamburg…

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