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Amid post-coup crackdown, SND members detained

The failed coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July left more than 270 people dead and resulted in a government crackdown against journalists, among others.

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Two European upstarts are making a mark

A duo of young publications, Público and IL, made a big splash at the Malofiej competition this year. Both publications rely heavily on visual storytelling and deploy a broad set of tools to communicate information, including bold information graphics. We caught up with two of their visual leaders. (en Español)

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The PhotoEspaña festival

By Andrea Zagata, Michigan State University/SND There are more than 200 festivals celebrating photography in France, and most were born with the same goal in mind — to promote photography and photographers, and legitimize their form of art and interpretation.  PhotoEspaña is of of the more important festivals in the world, says Claude Bussac, festival […]

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