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[infographic case study] Boston Globe’s energetic interactive and print graphics

Chiqui Esteban heads a talented crew at The Boston Globe, creating a stream of great news graphics. Two forces jump to the surface when talking with Esteban. One, the lasting impact of the Globe’s much-heralded 2011 site redesign — a change that brought device-agnostic site design to the top of the news design conversation. This […]

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[How it was made] The Verge’s OS-responsive exploration of “Fanboys”

Behind “Fanboys.” The Verge’s longform story that serves up designs based on your OS.

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Behind the scenes designing WaPo’s ‘The Prophets of Oak Ridge’

In the dead of night, three peace activists broke into and shut down a nuclear weapons site to challenge the billions of dollars still spent on mankind’s most dangerous creation: The bomb. A chain reaction followed. The Prophets of Oak Ridge, a 10,000 word narrative by Dan Zak, is the latest long form, immersive storytelling experience by The Washington Post.

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From iPhone to printed page: The rise of Instagram in major publications

On Sunday morning, March 31, the journalism faithful trudged out to their collective front porch, picked up the hefty edition of The New York Times and found a comfortable spot to curl up for an anticipated weekly read. On this Sunday, if you pay attention to photography, it didn’t take long to be surprised by the (not-so) Old Gray Lady.

Right there, smack in the middle three columns of the Times’ front page, was Alex Rodriguez, staring back at you from a well-composed, well-lit portrait. Taken on an iPhone in a men’s restroom.

This caused a bit of reaction in the blogosphere, and on Twitter, and on Facebook; and, quite likely, on couches across America. We asked top photo and visual editors what they thought, what policies they had for similar photography and what they see coming. More from Sports Illustrated’s Brad Smith, the Washington Post’s David Griffin, the Los Angeles Times’ Michael Whitley and the Chicago Tribune’s Robin Daughtridge on the jump.

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Election 2012: Inside the Washington Post’s digital efforts

How do you build successful digital products to cover a news event as large as a presidential election?

Sarah Sampsel, Director of Digital, Mobile and New Product Design at The Washington Post, offers her advice based on work her team has built in D.C.

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Meet SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2012: Deb Withey and Roger Black

At the awards gathering at SND’s workshop in Cleveland this fall SND presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Black and Deb Withey. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest individual honor the Society can bestow and only 19 have received the it.

Roger’s vision and leadership has set the standard for newspaper and magazine design. His work with type and digital platforms has lead the way far out ahead of the rest of the industry. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Deb’s sense of community and gift for teaching transformed newsrooms of all sizes and her ability to use the tools of design to capture a place transformed communities. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

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Lifetime Achievement Award, Roger Black: Innovator, leader, visionary

The recipients of SND’s Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2012 are Roger Black and Deborah Withey. The awards were presented at SND’s annual workshop and exhibition in Cleveland this fall. Before Black and Withey, only 19 have received the honor.

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One theme per week. One story per day. All about New York.

One theme per week. One story per day, told in the medium best-suited for that story. Oh, and only about New York City.

No breaking news. No big headlines. No jam-packed news website front pages.

Sound like a dream job?

That’s the basic vision of Narratively, a new digital platform led by Noah Rosenberg, a 29 year-old journalist from Brooklyn. As a mix of text, images, graphics and interactives, the site is slated to launch later this month. Rosenberg and others on the team launched a Kickstarter campaign near the beginning of August to raise some startup cash and they’re about 80 percent of the way to the $50,000 funding goal with less than a week to go.

Rosenberg spoke with us as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for SND’s annual workshop in Cleveland here.

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Q&A with Joe Ward: Behind the scenes at The New York Times, as they plan Olympic graphics

The Olympics are a bit like Christmas for a graphics department: strong visuals, fast data, high concepts. Plus everyone knows the Games are coming, so it’s easy to make a plan and use the opportunity to try out new ways of storytelling. In a little over a week we’ll be able to check out the storytelling from the powerhouse graphics department at The New York Times, an incredible group of journalists and artists who are on a 5-year streak of wowing the web and visual journalism world. Sports Graphics Editor Joe Ward, who will be London for the Games, took a few moments to talk with us about the Times’ plans.

This interview is part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design. Read more about the Olympics and other conversation pieces here.

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SND + H/H event this weekend: Design for coders in Cambridge, Mass.

On Saturday, SND’s web publications director Miranda Mulligan is organizing a workshop for coders who want to improve their design skills. We ask Miranda a few questions about SND + H/H: Q: Who is this workshop intended for? A while back, a couple colleagues and I started brainstorming on actionable activities that might help get […]

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Behind the World’s Best designed:

In 2011, the launch of quickly redefined the standard for what a news organization’s website could be. It created a responsive-viewing experience that automatically adjusts to the constraints of a user’s screen size or device. For its effort, SND33 gave it the distinction of being named World’s Best designed website. The Globe’s Digital Design […]

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Boston Globe hosts Ink No. 3

The design journal Ink, which was first produced in Denver at SND’s 2010 Workshop, and then in Detroit in January 2011, is getting ready for its third issue. This time, The Boston Globe is hosting the traveling collaboration. Ink writes about the people and culture of print, and in the process allows designers, illustrators, photographers […]

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JUDGE’S JOURNAL: Five things I learned as a Syracuse newbie

The Washington Post’s Jon Wile got his first taste of the competition Saturday as a news judge. He shares his reactions and new-found appreciation what it takes to get five judges to agree

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A mixer celebrating online news design

Join the Society for News Design for SND@ONA at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, October 29th in Washington.

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Boston meetup report

Newcomers to the area were given a particular welcome yesterday at a casual summertime meetup in Boston on July 12. Region 1 Director Lee Steele and  Dan Zedek of the Boston Globe hosted. Martin Gee, Carrie Hoover, Luke Knox and Jennifer Knox were among the 20 or so attendees. Martin and Luke, most recently from […]

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Region 1 update

This new region now combines the former first and second regions, and runs from Virginia to Maine. We have a new blog to connect members, which is already proving a good vehicle for getting and sharing information. If you care to follow some tweets, we’re also on Twitter: @SNDeast

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