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Introducing SND’s exclusive newsletter for members

The Society for News Design is pleased to introduce SNDigest: A bimonthly newsletter for members only.

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Rob Covey receives SND’s Lifetime Achievement award

The Society for News Design awarded Rob Covey its Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at the #SNDSF closing gala.

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Friends and colleagues sing the praises of Rob Covey

The Society for News Design awarded Rob Covey its Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday at the #SNDSF closing gala. Here are highlights of what those who know Covey had to say.

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Robert Lockwood and ‘The disturbing charm of the new’

An SND founder’s new book on an infamous incident in Paris The Paris of the 1920s was a city of the rich where one could also afford to be poor. The old order of kings and empires, disintegrated in the destruction and disillusionment of the Great War. Paris, a magnet for the artists, the dreamers, […]

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Conversation with Steve Dorsey: On design, mentors, Detroit and staying involved

Fresh home from receiving SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award at SND DC, Steve Dorsey, sat down at the keyboard for a conversation with the SND International WebDesk, a group, of which, records indicate he was a founding member.

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Fast, practical mapping solutions from Maps4News

If you’ve attended the SND annual workshop in recent years, you’ve likely met Christian Erades and checked out Maps4News. Erades is the sales manager for the cartographic company. I caught up with Christian recently.

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Chris Johanesen on design, testing and launching new products at BuzzFeed

Chris Johanesen started at BuzzFeed as its second employee. Now, as vice president of product, he shares insights about “the media company for the social age.”

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Meet the interns: Missy Wilson, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

As summer is winding down, students are making their way back to campus and their college newsrooms. This week, SND asked a few of those students to tell us how their internships went. Today, Missy Wilson talks about her experience at The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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Jon Wile on redesigning the American City Business Journals

As creative director for American City Business Journals, Jon Wile has his hands full. On top of dealing with the logistics of handling 40+ publications, he’s leading the brand redesign alongside Garcia Media. Wile talks with SND about the process.

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Mark Johnson on innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media

I first met Mark Johnson at SND St. Louis in September 2011. The now 35-year old CEO of Zite — a personalized magazine app acquired by CNN earlier that year — was the definition of unassuming. Sporting a curly fro, eyebrow ring, t-shirt and backpack, I actually mistook him for a college student. Our first conversation had us discussing everything from cocktails and news design to architecture and taxidermy. Here, Johnson talks innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media.

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Bloomberg Creative Director Richard Turley dishes on “The Hedge Fund Myth”

When Bloomberg Businessweek released the July 15 cover this morning, the reaction on Twitter ranged from “brilliant” to “inappropriate for young readers.” SND caught up with Creative Director Richard Turley, who gave us some insight into the stimulating cover.

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The SNDF intern: We made her cry

After combing through numerous applications, a panel convened by SNDF education chair Darren Sanefski settled on Lisa Donato, a freshman at the University of Oregon, as the recipient of this year’s paid summer internship. Lisa will be working with Frank Mina and the great team at the San Francisco Chronicle beginning in July.

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What design leaders have to say about Steve Dorsey

Most members of the Society have a “Dorsey” story to share. It only took a few emails to get the superlatives flowing, which became the genesis of this project. Below you can read what was emailed to us, and if you have something you’d like to say please leave it in the comments field at the bottom of this post.

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From designer to pop-music critic, Emmet Smith shares his story

Music critic at the Cleveland Plain Dealer is not a job that comes open very often. Now a well-known name in newspaper design circles joins this Plain Dealer short list. After a decade as a designer, Emmet Smith recently began his new role as pop music critic. He chats with Paul Wallen about his transition, as well as similarities between his old and new gigs.

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Welcome to a new year: Meet the new appointments to SND’s board

With the start of the new years comes a number of new appointments for the Society for News Design board. These folks are taking over for former board members whose appointments ended in 2012 or who moved to other positions.

SND’s board is made up of more than 20 volunteers who focus on different parts of making SND go, whether a geographic area or an area of expertise, like the website or training.


Print entry deadlines: U.S. submissions, Jan. 16, 2013; international submissions, Jan. 23, 2013.

Digital entry deadlines: 12 a.m. EST., Jan. 16, 2013

Digital competition categories: More on the changes to this year’s competition, categories and rules

Digital entry form: Register first and then click on “submit entries.”

What sites are the World’s Best Designed? We’re looking for your ideas for the World’s Best Designed websites and mobile apps. A group of judges will go over all submissions and ideas in February, but first we’d like to hear from you. Send us your ideas.

Print competition Call for Entries: Instructions, categories and forms English and Spanish

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Storify founder Burt Herman on how design fuels start-ups, disruptive change and what journalists need to know

Burt Herman was a real foreign correspondent. As a reporter and bureau chief for the AP, Herman covered the world beat for 12 years. The front page of his website features a photo of him crouching behind a stone wall next to a man holding a gun the size of a fourth grader. His tagline? “Entrepreneurial journalist stoking media revolution.” A few years ago, Herman took a leave from his AP job, to become a John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford. He met Xavier Damman and the two of them co-founded Storify, an online tool used to curate bits and pieces of social media into one story.

Herman took a few minutes to talk with SND as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

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