The candidates’ vision for SND

Election season is upon us. We’ve asked the candidates for the 2016 SND office of secretary-treasurer to share their personal SND stories. The candidates are: • Tyson Evans, editor for newsroom strategy, The New York Times • Jennifer George-Palilonis, professor, Ball State University Bios for all the candidates, and more election info, can be found […]

SND ELECTION RESULTS Okasaki, Steele and Quinn elected 2015 SND officers

Each year the Society for News Design holds elections for its officers: the secretary-treasurer, vice president and president. SND members vote and the winners are announced at the annual workshop. Write-in votes are allowed and recorded in the results below. The final election results are: SND SECRETARY/TREASURER Douglas Okasaki, (@dokasaki) senior designer at the Gulf News […]

Dog flushing, rabbit smuggling, bookmarks and Batkids: A candidate Q&A

[SND officer elections are handled electronically and open to all members. Contact if you haven’t received your ballot.] With just one week to go before the 2015 officer election ends, I caught up with the two candidates for secretary/treasurer, Douglas Okasaki and Frank Mina, for a Q&A — trust me, there are things here […]

Election 2012: How Las Vegas Sun photographer Sam Morris makes images of the president

Nevada — with its six electoral votes — is one of a handful of states President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney consider a toss up this election cycle. As both candidates make myriad stops in the area surrounding Sin City, Las Vegas Sun photographer Sam Morris explains how he approaches making thoughtful and unique images of sometimes redundant campaign events.

This is the first in a week-long series of election coverage on

And the officer candidates are …

Your candidates for SND officer positions in 2013 are (from top left to right): president: Rob Schneider, Dallas Morning News; vice president: David Kordalski, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; secretary/treasurer: Luis Chumpitaz Gonzales, Information Graphic Director, Al Bayan, Dubai, UAE; Adonis Durado, Designer, Times of Oman, Al Shabiba; Lee Steele, Design Editor, Connecticut Post
Bios and mission statements on the jump. Voting will begin Thursday, Sept. 13, and will be conducted electronically (SND members will get an email). Voting is open to all members and ends at midnight on Thursday, Oct. 11; results will be announced at the SND Annual Workshop and Exhibition in Cleveland, on Friday, Oct. 12.

FRIDAY DEADLINE: 2013 SND officer elections open for nominations

The Society for News Design is seeking nominations for the office of Secretary/Treasurer for 2013. This is an open-ballot position: anyone who is nominated, meets the requirements of the position and chooses to run will appear on the ballot.

Nominees must be members of the Society in good standing, with a history of service to the organization. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, Aug. 10. (Voting will begin on Sept. 10)

We will accept nominations through Friday, Aug. 10. Please send your nominations to:

Meet your 2012 SND Officers

The election results are in, and we are pleased to announce the officers for 2012:

President: Jonathon Berlin, Chicago Tribune
Vice President: Rob Schneider, Dallas Morning News
Secretary/Treasurer: David Kordalski, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

Kordalski won the only contested race. Of 220 votes cast in that race, he received 130, for 59% of the vote. Gabi Schmidt received 54 votes (25%) and Mike Rice received 36 votes (16%).