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Judges Award The Washington Post Gold Medal for ‘The N-Word’ In Use Of Multimedia

“I like everything about this: The execution, the idea. I like that it’s evolving around conversations. This seems like the right approach to talk about this subject.”

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‘Mindsuckers’ Wins Silver For National Geographic

“It’s so visually different. It’s not gimmicky. Instead of it all just being vertical, there are nice angles, like taking you behind a tree. This one didn’t feel like scroll hijacking.”

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The Washington Post Wins Silver for ‘Bad News Beards’ Use Of Multimedia

The Washington Post has been awarded a silver medal in the Use of Multimedia category for its piece “Bad News Beards.”

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New York Times Wins Gold Medal In Use of Multimedia Category

Judges award the New York Times a gold medal in the Use of Multimedia category for its piece “My Travels With the Curse of Maracanã.”

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NPR Visuals Earns Silver Medal In Organization Portfolio Category

Judges award a silver medal to NPR Visuals in the Portfolio: Organization category

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Best of Digital Judging Criteria – Visualized

How do we evaluate entries in the “Best of Digital Design” competition? This graphic explains the process.

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Upstatement’s Harvard Law Review Redesign Wins SND Digital Gold

Judges award a gold medal to the Harvard Law Review for its redesign. “If other sites treated the reading experience the way that they do, reading experiences would be that much better…. It totally respects the medium and what it is.”

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Berliner Morgenpost Wins SND Digital Silver Medal

The Berliner Morgenpost has won a silver medal for “Die Narbe der Stadt” “A lot of what I miss in a lot of what we see is the human touch. This has it and puts it in the realm of something I care about.”

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Judges Award Silver Medal To The Washington Post

The Washington Post has won a silver medal  for “What Happened to Flight 370?” “Among the collections of coverage, I thought that they got really creative using different kinds of visuals.”

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NPR Wins Silver Medal for ‘Election Party!’

NPR has won a silver medal for “Election Party!” “It’s super creative and inventive in that they thought about what their users are going to be doing during this day, and how they can be a part of that.”

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The New York Times Wins Silver Medal For ‘Is That a Luge in Times Square?’

The New York Times has won silver for “Is That a Luge in Times Square? “They differentiate themselves. Four Olympics ago, everybody did sort of drawing graphics. Now, the Times does something that’s different from what other people did.”

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Judges award The New York Times Silver Medal for World Cup Piece

The New York Times has won a silver medal for Brazilians Erupt After Their First World Cup Goal.” “The challenge in the newsroom is to deliver on the big stories, and they do, continuously.”

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The New York Times Wins Silver Medal for ‘Houses in the Path of the Washington Mudslide’

The New York Times has won a silver medal for “Houses in the Path of the Washington Mudslide.”
“You see it, you understand the story. You leave with everything.”

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ProPublica and The Lens Win First Gold Medal at SND Digital

A co-entry between ProPublica and The Lens has won this year’s first gold medal with their Features Coverage category piece, Losing Ground.” “It’s kind of relentless. It’s encyclopedic. You don’t get lost.”

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Judges Award National Geographic Silver Medal

National Geographic has won a silver medal in the Features Coverage category with its piece, Outer Space’s Big Questions.” “It’s a completely visual experience. The attention to deal pushes you.”

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The New York Times wins first silver medal at SND Digital

The New York Times has won the first silver medal of the 2014 competition year with its Breaking Planned Coverage piece, “Senate Election Results.” Judges remarks: “This on a phone is so good. You can interact with this map flawlessly. I have never used a news graphic in JavaScript that’s felt as good on a phone […]

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