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Five days Boston will never forget

Members of the Boston Globe visuals team share the behind-the-scenes story of covering the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon.

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Tips to making something great out of not-so-great situations

Saturday afternoon, Andrew Nilsen of visualinguist presented in the last round of sessions at this year’s conference. He used juggling as an analogy to explain that in the industry, everyone has to balance multiple projects, tasks and working with other people’s deadlines.

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How the Nationals changed sports design at the Washington Post

This afternoon, Brian Gross of the Washington Post presented “Play Ball”, a session in which he discussed various pages from the Post’s sports coverage of the Washington Nationals.

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Pablo Mercado (left) and Ted Irvine of Vox Media.

The evolution of long-form stories at Vox Media

Pablo Mercado and Ted Irvine from Vox Media presented “A short history of Vox long-form.” Vox publishes The Verge, SB Nation and Polygon.

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SND LOU Illustrated: Jennifer Daniel’s keynote

Emily Theis is an editorial designer at The Boston Globe and will soon finish her senior year at Ball State University. Throughout the workshop, she will be illustrating key points from our speakers.

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SNDLOU Illustrated: Platform ≠ content

Emily Theis is an editorial designer at The Boston Globe and will soon finish her senior year at Ball State University. Throughout the workshop, she will be illustrating key points from our speakers.

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coverjunkie’s Jaap Biemans: Covers that deliver a punch (and then a kiss)

This morning Jaap Biemans of coverjunkie and Volkskrant Magazine presented “Celebrating Creativity”, a session that took a look at the best covers of 2013 and what it takes to make the cut.

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The long-form digital design process at CNN, New York Times and Washington Post

This morning, Andrew Kueneman, deputy director of digital design at The New York Times, Greg Manifold, design director at the Washington Post, Sarah Sampsel, director of digital strategy at the Washington Post, and Judith Siegel, senior UX designer at presented “Go Long: How to master long-form digital design,” a session about the process behind making a couple thousand word stories beautiful in a digital presence.

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Twitter’s David Wright Jr.: Platform ≠ content

David Wright Jr. of Twitter presented “Platform ≠ content” a session about the importance of improving experiences by designing platforms with a user-centered model.

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SNDLOU: A look at workshop attendance

Approximately 320 people have come from around the world to attend our annual workshop. In this graphic, Kevin Uhrmacher shows the most represented nations.

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A state of flux: What’s good and bad about A1 around the world

Friday afternoon, Josh Crutchmer, Rob Schneider and Jonathan Berlin spoke on a panel about the state of front pages across the country and world.

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The New York Times’ process for data visualization

Friday afternoon Matt Ericson of The New York Times presented “Visualizing the News,” a session explaining how the graphics department approaches data visualization and information design.

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SNDLOU: Day three at a glance

Here’s what you need to know to get your day started.

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Designing as a team at The Times of London

Friday afternoon Jon Hill of The Times of London presented “Total Design: How the Times Of London Creates Across Platforms.”

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Infographics that both inform and entertain

This afternoon, University of Miami professor Albert Cairo, author of The Functional Art,” presented, “An Insightful Art: The Future of News Infographics,” a session about the values all infographics should hold, now and in the future.

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National Geographic rethinks its design and media production

This afternoon Jody Sugrue and Mike Schmidt of National Geographic presented “Do Robots Dream of Electric Lions?” a session about the ongoing process of rethinking National Geographic design and media.

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