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First Asia Pacific news design conference for print & online

WAN-IFRA and the Society for News Design (SND) will join together to present a conference Jan. 23, 2012 in New Delhi, India to show the participants the “best practices” in creativity, originality and the efficiency in producing news for all platforms.

In this workshop, the participants will analyze their product and will have the opportunity to work on the design under the guidance of the trainer. The workshop will give the participants a critique on their

  • Typography
  • Visual storytelling
  • Use of color
  • Newspaper and story structuring
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    Honoring creativity that sells papers in Middle East

    Next week in the United Arab Emirates, the Best of News Design exhibition will open at The American University of Sharjah in the College of Architecture, Art and Design gallery. The exhibit will feature award-winning work from the MENA region, including The Gulf News, The National, Al Bayan, and Times of Oman. In advance of the exhibit Region 20 SND director Douglas Okasaki talks with industry leaders about the past, present and future roles design has played in the region’s papers.

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    Two meetups in two cities — all for one great cause

    Going to ONA11 in Boston (Sept. 22-24) or SNDSTL in St. Louis (Sept. 29-Oct. 2)? We’ve got a couple of must-go parties for you. Both gatherings raise money for the SND Foundation, which provides training for journalists, student travel grants, internships, university scholarships and more. Sign up today!

    In Boston, the SND@ONA Meetup will be on Friday night (Sept. 23) at the Back Bay Social Club from 5-8. If you went last year in D.C., you know this is a great gathering with lots of fun networking and socializing.
    In St. Louis, the SND Foundation’s Trivia Night fundraiser on Friday night (Sept. 30) will offer a local and fun way to interact with your design brothers and sisters while showing off your ninja-like knowledge.

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    Boston Globe hosts Ink No. 3

    The design journal Ink, which was first produced in Denver at SND’s 2010 Workshop, and then in Detroit in January 2011, is getting ready for its third issue. This time, The Boston Globe is hosting the traveling collaboration. Ink writes about the people and culture of print, and in the process allows designers, illustrators, photographers […]

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    A Winter Cocktail in L.A.

    Join the Society for News Design (Region 2) at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17, at The Edison in LA.

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    A mixer celebrating online news design

    Join the Society for News Design for SND@ONA at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, October 29th in Washington.

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    Beijing meetup delivers six strong presentations

    On September 15, SND held a free meetup in Beijing. About 90 people showed up to the event, held at the Press Center Hall at Peking University.

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    SND Chinese meetup draws packed house

    In the age of Google the U.S. newspaper industry may be riddled with layoffs and cutbacks, but here in China newspaper professionals hope to avoid the industry’s overall woes.

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    SND Chinese to host two free meetups this month

    SND Chinese will host two free meetups this month. One in Beijing (Sept 15) and one in Shanghai (Sept 18). The sessions will be conducted in Chinese. Both meetups are free to all attendees.

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    Boston meetup report

    Newcomers to the area were given a particular welcome yesterday at a casual summertime meetup in Boston on July 12. Region 1 Director Lee Steele and  Dan Zedek of the Boston Globe hosted. Martin Gee, Carrie Hoover, Luke Knox and Jennifer Knox were among the 20 or so attendees. Martin and Luke, most recently from […]

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    SND 2010 Spring Board meeting minutes

    The SND Board of Directors shares the minutes of the 2010 spring board meeting held April 17 in Denver, CO — the site of this year’s annual conference and workshop.

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    Join We Media for an iPad throwdown in New York

    SND has joined the We Media innovation agency as a co-sponsor of Tabula Rasa, a “throwdown” and series of salons on the impact of the iPad and tablet computing on Thursday, April 29 at the Digital Sandbox Event Center, 55 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004. As a result of the sponsorship, SND members are […]

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    RECAP: San Francisco meetup

    Here’s a rundown of the meetup First up…News flash from the future: What will journalism look like? Design and innovation powerhouse IDEO has sketched out 14 scenarios for the future of news. From newsroom cafés to new interactive solutions to sharing information, the future has never looked so bright for newsgathering. Alex Grishaver, design director […]

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    Recap from weekend meetup in Chicago

    A recap from Chicago: We spent Saturday afternoon at Tribune tower for a regional meet-up with a great variety of speakers. Throughout the afternoon we posted some of the highlights. Plenty of attendees were on Twitter, so look for more by searching #sndchicago. And, the talented Mike Rohde has posted 27 pages of sketchnotes on […]

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    We’re live streaming today from SND Orlando

    Across our industry ideas once dismissed as “too radical” are now becoming commonplace. Don’t get left behind! Join us at the Orlando Sentinel on April 17 to see how experimental concepts are rolling out around the country. Schedule: 9:30 a.m. Registration, bagels and newspapers 10 a.m. The Detroit Free Press fired a shot heard ’round […]

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    New York City meetup: Thanks to everyone

    We were in New York City on Saturday for a free regional meetup. More than 100 people joined us in person and many more checked in online. The all-star lineup of speakers included graphics legend Nigel Holmes, Rolling Stone art director Joe Hutchinson, former Fortune graphics editor Sarah Slobin, and New York Times interactive graphics […]

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